Safaricom new Logos

So this is the Safaricom new logo and the icon by the logo. The new logo seems to be okay by many,
the icon however…

I don’t like the whole logo, the placement of those red marks seems off to me.
The font is nice, but it’s like they were forced to change the logo…and yeah, that icon :grimacing:


It’s odd that this is happening just a month after Vodafone’s sort of exit from Kenya. Looks like the beginning of a rebranding or break up effort. Both the logo and icon are remarkably uninspired.

The logo is for the unkeen eye not that different, that icon though is a NO, they should have held a design competition

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Vodacom is just Vodafone. One is a subsidiary, the other is the owner.

Those fonts do not look custom. Somebody took a shortcut :grimacing: :grimacing::grimacing:

Yes, hence the “sort of.”

ooh that’s okay bro[quote=“Peter_Ngure, post:7, topic:1379”]
“sort of.”

LoL. Yeah, and probably a fat check too - - it’s the Kenyan way.

Fonts don’t necessarily have to be custom. I actually like the font. Picking the font to go with is usually a task, because you want it to mean so many things. And also look good in the process.

For a big corporate such as Safaricom, custom fonts is crucial, especially on the logo. That is why you see even Airtel has an entire alphabet of custom fonts. Most of these big companies do. I can see Equity Bank and KCB too nearly have the whole entire alphabet comprising of custom fonts (Especially KCB). Don’t forget Telkom too, their logo comprises of custom fonts.

For the logo, at least, fonts have to be custom.

Airtel font is Ubuntu Medium

I have not found the font for the others but I can bet they are public fonts available for anyone to use, just that the designers looked far and wide.

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Sort of Ubuntu Medium but not the same. I have cross checked and noticed some letters resemble and others are totally different.

That’s what designers do, take an existing logo and work with that on illustrator, or whatever DTP software you can use to finish the job. Techweez logo is based on two fonts, and the icon has some custom work as well, but from one of the two fonts. But we are not a big corporate, so we could as well use WordArt and people won’t complain.

Yes worked as a designer before and that is what we used to do. At least for the Safaricom logo, the designer ought to have done something more about the logo.

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Neither works for me… The font is ‘Too fat’ so one cannot read it from a far - the words will blur into each other. Perhaps making them thinner will ease the reading. They cannot depend on people associating green with them forever…

I have no problem with the font and the word Safaricom but what’s up with the red boomerangs??

Seems like Safaricom has joined the bandwagon of making their new logo with a curvier font face like Verizon and Google did in 2015. Like everyone else, I do like the font - it looks modern and shows that Safaricom wants to come out fresh and focuses more on the youth; it’s dope! But those red thingies looks like some sci-fi movie logo.
I think I’ll get the hang of it later.
If you’ve noticed, the shade of the green has also changed slightly (I think). It’s more luminous.

If only they had held a design competition, it would be so cool to see what other people would have come up with. :nerd:

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very uninspiring logo

Tbh I didn’t know, until this thread, the dynamics behind logos/icons like with the custom fonts, I just knew some logos icons look good & other don’t… the Safaricom icon is kinda off. But maybe it’s just a change thing… we’ll get used to it, like we’ll get used to the new twitter icons.