Safaricom Mobile Data Observations

This thread is all about the Safaricom Mobile Data package experience.

I want to touch on something interesting on their No Expiry Bundle, Has anybody noticed if you buy data worth 50/- you get 175MB while 51/- gets you 255MBs, this is however not the case with 100/- 101/-, 150-151/-, 200-201/- etc. The Safaricom app shows this better, wachana na *544#

Any other observations, experiences, disappointments, criticism etc in regards to Safaricom Mobile Data feel free to post them in this thread.

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I asked Safcon this very question yesterday - and got no help whatsoever! I just want to know the best deal in terms of price per MB - compared with the old bundles.
Anybody able to enlighten us on this?

Seriously, why would you ask such a question. Badala you share na genge hapa naunyamaze

Yeah… Was wondering why he decided to go to Safaricom… Instead of letting people enjoy… Now this will be patched ASAP …

Really? I had asked this question on …

If you follow my line of thought then very soon ‘deals’ offered will be very different across the customer base …

This is very un-Safaricom like to not leverage on such a thing to sell their data. Sometime back all this information would be coming from their influencer campaigns, but I guess they chose a different direction.