Safaricom Mledger not available on playstore anymore

So today as i was busy configuring and installing my favorite/most used apps on my new phone i noticed the safaricom mledger app was no longer available on google playstore. It’s a good thing i hadn’t yet formatted my previous phone so all i had to do was just extract the mledger apk and install it on my new phone. In business i use mpesa alot and mledger is one handy app when it comes to monitoring alot of things i just wonder why would safaricom just pull it down bila warning from playstore? Are they thinking of integrating it to the main Safaricom App or what?

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The web portal ( also seems to have been abandoned as there’s a login bug that has not been fixed for months. My guess is they’ll probably integrate it with the main app as you’ve already indicated. Safaricom always makes the assumption that they know whats good for users, we’ll just have to wait and see.

Btw weirdly enough MySafaricom app just broke and stopped working as expected.I cant open the app successfully even,its so frustrating having to use the USSD option constantly.