Safaricom might be throttling torrents

Ever since the introduction of unlimited 4G, Safaricom started limiting torrent speeds. I have witnessed this on several occasions where normal downloads average speeds of over 30 Mbps but torrent files cannot get past 100 KBps. I tested my theory to check whether the seeders were the problem by downloading the same files through a torrent VPN (BitPort) and guess what, they downloaded at over 20Mbps. If someone has paid 300 bob for unlimited 4g for 24hrs, why would Saf limit their speeds on torrents despite that the unlimited 4g is capped at 100 Gig??? Anyone else who has noticed this issue? :rage: It not an issue of settings since i have both uTorrent and qBittorent apps which all have the same issue


I thought seeders wangu walikua na net mwitu. This is true. I could not get past 50KBps


I have tested with Faiba and walai torrents files is the only thing Faiba manages to beat safaricom in download speeds… despite that Faiba bado operates in 2mbps zones in my area :sweat_smile: it gives its all.


Hehehe this is interesting, wanapimia net. Btw what do they have to loose if speeds are high n they have a good network., ii tu ni uchoyo


Safaricom largely depends on economy ya kadogo users and not the big spenders. They can do it but only a few will be able to pay consistently. For example, they might give us unlimited internet at 100bob per day or 3k per month. But only a few can pay that.

So that means only a few people will be able to use a huge amount of resources juu watu wengi ni wa 10 or 20bob a day. Michael Joseph did not mind about it but Bob Collymore the guy commercialized everything hadi simcard ikatoka 50 bob to 200bob before people complained.

I remember Bob Collymore claiming that unlimited internet was not profitable. He could not allow 1% of users utilize resources meant to serve the remaining 99% of users.

That was the age of torrents and series. I used to do damage on that Safaricom unlimited back in the days.


I noticed the same thing. My fix is as follows: I have a Digital Ocean droplet for handling just that (1 GB RAM, 25GB disk space): I add these large torrent files (think around 10GB). Then I zip and download via SCP. I always download 7GB+ files in under 14 minutes. Then I delete from the droplet once done and loop…


I honestly did not get what you wrote. In English please.

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Kinda hard to explain in plain English, but basically, I download large torrent files to a server. (Similar to someone using services like bitport) then I download to my computer from the remote server which gives faster speeds than torrenting with utorrent or your favourite torrent client.

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By downloading via SCP what do you mean
I can’t get a proper reference in google?

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Secure copy protocol or SCP is a means of securely transferring computer files between a local host and a remote host or between two remote hosts.

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Forget about all that Digital Ocean stuff. It is very complicated if you are new to this.

There are these services called seedboxes.

You simply add a torrent file on your dashboard then they fetch it for you. After it is done, you can download the files just like you would any normal file on the internet.

You can register a free account in one (or all) of these services to see how they work.

These ones focus on torrenting mostly.

There are more advanced ones that have even more features. If you are going to spend any money, I’d recommend you spend it on a more advanced one.

A few examples.

If you use Reddit, I recommend you check out the seedboxes subreddit for more info.


I have used seedr for a while now
Works Funtastic …

This sounds more like articles. Its good to learn new things everyday!


Haha! You know there are even these very exclusive torrent sites.

You have to get invited to join them. Most of them focus on a specific niche and the content there is high quality and is released almost immediately after it is available.

Kina Piratebay and co. get most of their content from these sites.

Seedboxes are extremely popular in these private trackers.


I think the main reason I don’t know much is because I am more of streaming guy than downloading.


Real Debrid works fine too.

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I was going to start a similar thread before coming here… This seems on and off because I’ve managed 2MBps torrents while on the ‘Unlimited’ for 24 hours. I was only able to achieve this after switching to a LTE Cat 16 supported handset.

The others - CAT 6 & 9 were STRUGGLING.

I remember saying this a while back:

We’re probably loosing out in a way we’re yet to figure out

Could this be how we’re loosing out?


Then its possible the carrier aggregation feature lessens the impact of throttling. Lets conduct more tests on this but Safaricom might also be targeting heavy users. Maybe their rationality is overloading base stations by few users which leads to less than desirable speeds for majority of users. Its not conclusive am just speculating.

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the ones loosing are those using less capable devices

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Aha so this is why. I do not download torrents often but I did last month on the Safaricom 4G platform and the speed never went past 100kbps. I gave and and thought it was the internet at that time but then YouTube on phone was streaming at 1080.

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