Safaricom M-leger App activation

Hi guys,

Recently reset my phone which had the said app. On reinstalling and trying to register my number it fails, anyone know of a workaround? I know it’s no longer supported by safcom but really need it for my mpesa transactions since it stores data that’s more than a year old. Help and/or suggestions will be appreciated. My phone is Nokia 6; the 1st version of that series.

Get an APK…

I addressed this in this post and it also didnt work. Note this was way back in March 2019. Rumor had it that the MySafaricom App would one day intergrate mLedger features within itself and upto now i’m still waiting.

It doesnt work you’ll just get stuck at the activation screen. I’ve tried it countless of times coz i still have the apk stored on my hardrive.

Wondering why such matters is still a struggle for end users. Does Safaricom not care about Mpesa anymore? The attention to the improving the platform is just minor.