Safaricom Lipa na Mpesa Pilot still ongoing with 16,000 users

Safaricom has been piloting their payments card dubbed Lipa na Mpesa card for quite a while now. We got wind of it as early as June last year. New details emerge indicating that the number of cards issued are 16,000 with 47 companies already accepting the payments.

The card has been used by students and staff at the United States International University-Africa, Catholic University of East Africa, Kenyatta University and Mt Kenya University. The firm said the use of the Lipa na M-Pesa card reduced errors typically made by inputting wrong payment amounts at the till.

Techniques are both pin and chip, and NFC, the latter being quite convenient but has it’s own security challenges.

It’s good that they are still working to ensure that the product works with no glitches before going out public.

I am still waiting to see M-Pesa working on my Android Pay ready device. I know we aren’t that many with such devices but innovation shouldn’t be limited by this.

Now lipa na Mpesa card will be marketed as a big innovation by safaricom yet it is a copied idea :bulb: from Airtel where did patent and legality rules concerning ideas in Kenya go to???
Am waiting to see wat difference this card brings we lack innovation in this country and we pride ourselves in companies like safaricom who can’t innovate but exploit the loop in patent issues in Kenya to exploit developers who put a lot of effort in their work only to be paid a penny for projects which earns companies billions of profit not even Mpesa is a safaricom idea

The Lipa na mpesa card is an extension of their phone app.
But in business, you have to show forward momentum and keep coming out with “new” things…even though its the same thing.

The benefit is that it will open other avenues to increase transaction volumes.

This would mean that Mpesa would ride on a bank Visa card, as far as I know it’s not. It rides on Mpesa, that is unless we find out there is Visa or Mastercard in there somehow.

I think the card whether copied or not contributes a lot to the high percentage of Kenyan users because Safaricom is widely used network by many a man.