Safaricom Lipa na M-Pesa app for merchants

Hi Techweez,
Do you have any juice on this? Specifically on the possible launch date?0 (1)

Current, I can access the merchant services by dialing *234#.

Yes we do. Looks like it’s piloting with merchants. I understand it will be launched sometime in May.

I got a text from Safaricom today to check the app out on google play. I registered and prompted Google play to install it once it’s available.

I got the same too. Waiting for it to be installed. I also noticed the app has ‘In-app purchases’. Wondering what that could be used for considering it’s a management app.

Probably they can decide to limit the Management Experience, unless you pay for it… This can be in terms of types of reports generated, data export format etc…

Buy float?

this could be a big money maker for Safaricom,a much smoother way to gain insight into SME’s and individual sellers as well as enable them to grow their businesses by providing financing options.This is a revenue stream from businesses waiting to be unlocked.

Finally it’s here, can’t wait to test it :slightly_smiling_face:


You will let us know what there is to find.

The app is amazing to say the least. The UI/UX is brilliant. The experience is super smooth.
Thumbs up to the developers.
If you have a till number, you’ll understand the pain of accessing your account via USSD (*234#). You’ll need to memorize your store number and undergo so many steps to reach your account.
With the app, once setup (You’ll initially need a Safcom line attached to your till with data) all you’ll ever need is just your till PIN.
Below are some screenshots.