Safaricom Kochokocho scam competition

I am just asking if anyone else has won 1.5 Ksh.That’s one shilling and 50 cents so Safaricom can claim to have 4 million winners. This is simply shameful.

Shilingi moja? That’s a joke. I stopped following these promos a decade ago after realizing the largest amount i will ever ‘win’ is 100 bob airtime

With Safaricom whether you want in or out is not your choice so inabidi ufuate because wanakutext

True, the good thing with kochokocho is that you can get rid of the notifications, previous promos I had to scan through or delete the texts

Well well from the above message seems like among the 2M problem is I can’t tell if it was 50 bob or 250 as the messages came at once, and you can’t check the balance to confirm the price airtime is really there, saf had an opt out option in their last promotion, they should have it always, not everyone is interested, I get more from storo bonus than kochokocho.

You won 1 shilling? Wow! As for me, I haven’t won anything yet so aside from getting 101 messages from Kochokocho, I have nothing to show for myself.

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I have never heard of anyone knows someone who knows someone whon has won this thing

I know of someone who has won 50 bob 9 times for a total of 450 bob credit and he rarely uses MPESA

In a similar fashion to @kiharajon above