Safaricom Increases Call and Data Rates

Suffericon has increased Call and Data Rates upto 16% …?! At this rate lemme look for where my Faiba 4G MiFi Router was gathering dust. Bye Home Fiber…

We are in for a rough/ tough ride

From today’s Business Daily.

At this moment I wouldn’t be surprised if all the other operators raised their rates too.

What is this bronze package plus? Naiskia leo. Googling for it on Safaricom pia haiko. Who has details about it? i’m currently subscribed to the Silver package but sasa hiyo 4k per month itaniumiza.

As for calling nilihama Telkom kitambo, 1.5bob per minute to any network bundle works well for me.

It is justified. I feel for the below 1.50 dollar per day Kenyans because they will feel the effects of all these changes.

Even those above 1.5 Dollars a day wil feel the Pinch.

Safaricom introduced Voice and SMS Option tied to your Home Fiber Subscription. It is like an optional add on to your Fiber Subscription. Hence the Tag ‘Plus’

i am not abandoning my home fibre product anytime soon,the reliability and affordability of the product plus the customer services i have enjoyed make it so worth it even with a 500bob increase.

So in that Silver Plus package an extra 1,000 bob gets me 3 hours 20 minutes talk time while on Telkom i can the same hours to any network for 200 bob, no thank you.

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Also didn’t see the Point …
But I guess there are some Suffericon FanBoys who will sing praises …

Have the bundled offers changed? I think the bundled offers are still affordable.

I sing Safaricom praises because they have very good network coverage everywhere. TeLkom is cheap but its network is spotty outside any major town, Airtel have no network anywhere in Kenya.


Loll. Eti no Network …!?


Haha Airtel the Kabambe Network. Kuna msee alinishow 10 MBS zake za Airtel bado hazija isha after 2 months because hajaeza kupata place kuna net ya airtel. Ukitembea ukitafuta network ya Airtel utajipata India.


True Data. Being on the other Networks can be frustrating…
I think they should first invest more on quality of services than prices …
Remember You, who offered free calls but they had to eventually wind up …


I agree with you totally. My friends keep telling me about the extremely cheap Airtel calls. I always tell him that’s bul****, they should work on prices that will give them just enough to be able to improve their network. It is annoying! I tried it and I could not make a call without either dropping or endless repetition – poor voice quality.

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Mateso tu. My Airtel simcard is lying somewhere because of this issue. My big brother ndiyo ako nao because he makes a lot of calls. I have told him to join Telkom instead juu kila wakati ana complain kwake, fourth floor, making a call on Airtel is a huge hustle.

Back at home, making that call is a problem too. Full network bars but call drops na masauti za generators na lightening hadi unauliza mtu kama ako Budalangi ama


:joy::joy::joy::joy: Voice quality is king no matter how cheap the call rates are.


Advice him to also consider safaricom advantage plus, they have good offers on calls. That is, if telecom does not also present the same problems…

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