Safaricom GIGA FOOTBALL pass.. is it unlimited?

Safaricom launched a new offer today, but am nit sure if it gets you unlimited data
See more here

Basically they say it gives you unlimited access to streaming apps …kwese, dstv now
Though am not sure if it comes with unlimited data.
Anyone tried it?

It’s only “unlimited” to the selected streaming apps.

Lol … wacha tungoje some injector hax

Chrome is denying me access to the link you shared… claiming its not secure. whatsup?

I have seen a few people saying the same thing about Safaricom website last few days. Someone in there promised to look at it.

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Watu wa HFC na FTTH tuna kaa kipande gani?

hadnt they promised 3 hours for 20 bob. cant see it

It’s actually there

where exactly is it been looking everywhere

I also only see these options.

I have options for DStv, StarTimes and iflix

I do too, we were inside Kweseiflix.

So I’m here, stewing polepole, frustrated coz I’m no football fan and I thought the unlimited streaming would work for the rest of iflix content. Now I’m stuck with just the iflix catalogue. Nothing plays except the ongoing match.
Here is what I think. Saf is giving you unlimited 640p streaming for 3 matches in a day for 99/-

:joy::joy::joy::joy::sob::sob: Saf always a step ahead

Come to think of it, the device streams in portrait when auto rotate is on and if you try turning or twisting your phone, the live channels stops streaming on iflix app. Problem of half baked products.

This is honestly too expensive, counting that one of the three matches (African) will be free on NTV and you the 3rd will be a boring group match, you will be paying 99 bob to watch one game.

Why pay when you can stream free from the internet… On your PC connected to your TV via HDMI cable :grin:. I can’t watch football on my phone. I need the whole experience

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Steaming on phone is definitely out of need. If you are on the road or don’t have that fixed Internet, this will be one of your main options.

Instead of kushikilia sprite moja kwa pub for 2 hours.


It is extremely useful especially to those of us who have not yet bought TVs. Also those streaming links I fear them. Last week I got hit by a cryptominer virus and I I had to format everything (on my windows laptop).

do not be afraid. Where I get my links is a legit source, and I play them via Soda player :grin: