Safaricom Flex Bundles Product launches on Wednesday 22nd

In case you missed this here.

Safaricom is launching a product called Flex in their market segmentation plans, just like they did with Blaze, this is for the next demographic. From the article I’ve quoted what closest explains Safaricom Flex.

We got wind that Safaricom is planning to launch a new service sometime next week, whether it is a retaliation to Express Wi-Fi or not, we don’t know. Dubbed “FLEX” the new service will allow customers to use their airtime to buy “Flex units” which can then be used for data, voice and SMS with no fixed allocation to any of the three, thus it gives you the flexibility of using the bought bundle for either of the three.

One (1) Flex unit gets you 20 Seconds of talk time or 3 MB of data or KES.3 worth of sms. You can then purchase Daily Flex @ KES.99 valid for 24 hours, weekly Flex @ KES.599 valid for 7 days and a monthly Flex @ KES.2,499 valid for 30 days.

From the above information, this means that you can get 297MBs for the daily Flex, 1797MBs for the weekly Flex and 7497MBs for the monthly Flex. Assuming that a shilling of airtime is equal to 1 Flex unit and that you will only use your Flex (Flexes?) for data.

Now this launches tomorrow, postponed from the date it was supposed to launch earlier in the month. I won’t pretend I already understand fully what this is, we’ll be there to listen in on what vision Safaricom has with this.

Quite interesting… This is one to watch…

Think flex still looks expensive from the rates but wait is this not similar to unliminet with a different name and price adjustments

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I don’t know but personally, buying bundles feels like buying 100 cups of coffee and drinking a third.


Honestly,i barely use 500MB of mobile data,i have this affinity to ensure i push most of my data traffic through wifi where i can worry less about how much data i am using…

So you’re not the kind of hustler targeted here:

i agree,i am definitely not…but i am definitely not alone

I doubt if there’s a hustler who will try this am seeing it being pulled off soon coz its expensive compared to available options in the mkt

Just come across the Flex bundles commercial

I’ll be interested in unlimited or at least 200GB for under 3K

Take the circumference of your age, give it to Sonko’s grades, add Waititu’s IQ & you have 16 flex bundles that you exchange for magic beans


I dont Know what to say, Maybe they haven’t like used the right words to describe it. I think most people don’t get the idea. Kwanza Ukianza Kuexplain Ukiuse Jina Flex.


Yeah at the moment the cheapest mobile data you can get is orange 30GB for 3k,or 50GB for 4k if you get the modem, airtel is next, i would pay 5k for unlimited mobile data, anyway how are the flex bundles doing, i tried buying but i got a you have active bundles, exhaust and try again.

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Oh, there is new developments

The frequency Kenyan carriers change their offerings(B2C) is maddening …It’s not so long that we had unlimited 4G, Calls for 18 bob for 18 minutes …etc

At this point I just feel we are just being manipulated like how airplane seats are sold …through algorithms

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