Safaricom Fibre vs Zuku

I understand the argument for taming resellers but also 1TB FUP is just too little for anyone downloading or streaming 4k content or big games

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Sufferingcom wasipochunga they will loose Customers…


If Zuku made an effort to expand coverage, Safaricom won’t be making the erroneous changes right now.

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Okay, seems FUP is here to stay, just like limited cellular data, my question to the heavy users if saf was to increase the CAP how much would be the ideal limit for the 3k and 4k packages?
I remember we were here with 3G when service was so bad that Bob scrapped unlimited, so can saf afford to have a resellers package?

Zuku doubled my speed to 100Meg in December for the same price, so my 500GB a week is nothing.

FUP should be non-existent on FTTH (I will post a detailed technical article explaining this over the weekend if I get time, maybe in new thread for anyone interested), but since FUP is enacted for business and fairness rather than engineering purposes (unlike coax), bronze package deserves a TB or a serious reduction in price. Silver and up should be at least 3TB.


The business LTE package for 5mbps @5,500/month has a cap of 3TB. So, the Bronze package should have at least 2TB and the figure should double on the the higher tiers.

He scrapped it because only 1% of data customers used it. By the way, I never experienced slow speeds at any time. Bob was out to milk us dry.

I remember speaking to a Safcom regional manager and he told me that the company was out to maximize revenues in whichever way possible.

This Ben from Liquid saying 1TB is generous and yet he has 1Gbps symmetric at his Nairobi home ( I saw him say it in a tweet) for being a Liquid Telecom executive is such a shame.


I see #Zuku is entering our area breaking the #Saf monopoly… #Zuku customers how is the 60 Mbps internet only package? I install it and test drive it for 1-2 months ama ni wachane nayo? Curios to know if there are pple with both services …
A rented range extender @ 4,000/= and 100/= service fee per month? I hope no one it doing this. Just buy another router, cat6 cable and make it an AP …