Safaricom Fibre vs Zuku

Maze,I been on the Safcom Home fibre 40Mbps for the last month and for the last week they have really been skimping on me on the download speed…upload speed is normal but download speed has been on 1 to 3 Mbps…Is this the effect of the FUP policy coz i doubt i have reached 500GB on the FUP usage? Customer service seems to be unable to sort this issue out bana and its really frustrating.

Same issue here, Getting at 1-2mpbs instead of 20…

FUP makes subscribing to higher tiers useless… Y exhaust your allowance faster…

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Isn’t Gold’s FUP at 1TB per month? See @Satoshi’s post back in Feb when they bumped up speeds

Also an issue of fact vs assumption …You can’t prove a negative if you don’t have the evidence…

Most likely a saturated OLT port. At safaricom you are sharing bandwidth with 64 other people through its fibre split ratio. Other potential causes might be dirt on fibre links or just technical issues within the OLT itself

Everybody should be using or as their DNS resolver since a new location in NRB has been launched and their privacy focused DNS …

Some benchmarks from Steve Gibson’s Benchmarking tool (#Windows)

Cloudflare’s & at First

Google’s at 5th

OpenDNS, & at 23rd, 24th, 25th


This is interesting,will change my DNS for my home Desktop and my laptop to try it out.

Also check if your router has an option to change the DNS server.

For android users:

Interesting. Have now set this up…

since i set it up my basic internet browsing has been way faster than usual.

Yeah same story, actually previously loading an article would fail then to automatically load after giving a connection error. With the DNS Setup everything is now smooth…

Dont jinx it bro

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Saw this at my place today, free home fiber installation till sometime in October

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they been doing this too here at my estate,had to keep telling them i am already onboard.