Safaricom Fibre vs Zuku

I used safaricom fiber last year when it got to my hood. Within a month, I dropped it and went back to the terrible zuku, reason, uplink. From my experience in March 2018, safararicom was good for downloading movies. However, streaming content was horrible. YouTube on my TV would buffer like crazy. I want to give safaricom another chance in September, have things changed? (Kasarani, equity) ama nikae na zuku roho Safi?

I have a quick question,which safaricom package were u on? Coz safcom offer the same upload speeds as its download speeds for each package…so if you were on the bronze package you will not experience the same internet access speeds like someone on the Gold package.

I live in kasarani…hapo sportsview road…zuku works well in kasarani, so you’ll find that many people have not changed to safaricom yet. I personally have used zuku since 2015 hapo and it has worked well for me considering that i’m a heavy user on the 5mbps package…apart from a few down times a while ago,no problems. Though kuna some areas like south B where zuku is trash…maybe you test safaricom tena for one month and see…its more about personal experience

I live in the same loc as well. But I’m on the wrong side of the road (hapo Shell) with no option for Safaricom. There is a time I had stayed many months without paying my Zuku subscription. They called me with an offer for 3 months at half price. I haven’t moved away since. They had improved the speeds and I watch football matches and movies on at least 2 devices at a go with no buffering.

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which package are you on? i would bet the 20Mbps one coz that one you can easily do no buffering in HD on online football channels.

I’m on 10mbps. My tests show I get an average of 9mbps. When I was stopping it was doing 2mbps on the same package.

that’s a decent package to be on,i just downgraded today morning to 5mbps coz of billing date coming at the wrong time,but safaricom have been very flexible with switching packages so i will be back on 20mbps before 1st September.Safaricom seem to be constantly improving their infrastructure and services and they are responsive and available in terms of customer support.

I was on 10mps, but it felt like 5mps. The problem was only there when watching YouTube videos on TV. Zuku 5mps is always smooth (a few downtime a week) but Customer care is garbage

I have never tried Safaricom for the simple fact that I don’t trust them with data. I am on Zuku 5mbps and amazingly am able to stream anything I like. I think Zuku improved on speeds unlike kitambo when I couldn’t stream on the same package. I always keep it Zuku. Plus whenever am late on payment, there’s always a discount. No one can move me from Zuku.

True, zuku works well in Kasarani. On a scale, I would give Zuku 7/10, their customer service notwithstanding. I just want to know if Safaricom can give me 9/10 (last year walikuwa kedo 4/10), the most important things being [smooth streaming > few downtimes> Customer service]

Acha nisilipe zuku pia September. If Safaricom ends up sucking smoothwise, I will weather their internet storm, zuku warushe offer

Yeah…zuku does that with clients who don’t pay on time…i have a friend who intentionally doesn’t pay so that she is given an offer…na sisi clients who pay on time every month get tupoints tu and an alleged boost to 10mbs after paying 3 months on time
Mine i’m on 5mbps but it always shows 5.4 to 5.8 when i test…the last time i had a downtime was february huko…two hours and it was sorted.

Zuku did a quick one on safaricom in Bamburi Mombasa, saf had started connecting guys but was very selective only doing gated estates and few highrise highend apartments, sisi wa fats tulikuwa wale they they safaricom has PASSED 350k homes, then zuku in one week strung fibre in like the whole Bamburi, I got connected to the 10 mbps package, I have never needed to call customer care 6 months in, guys here had really waited for this I wnder if saf will steal any customers when they finally decide to connect the OTHERS.

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Why is anyone not talking about Poa Internet. 1,500 for 4Mbps. But ni kama they target very low income neighborhoods only.

Their 5Mbps drops down to 1Mbps a week after payment and it stays that way for the rest of the month until your next payment


I subscribed to Safaricom’s 40mbps yesterday and I can attest that the speeds are excellent. I took advantage of the discount just to experience 40mbps, I will downgrade to 20mbps once the offer is over :joy:

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which offer is this?

50% discount for new subscribers…

Been on Saf for several years, on the 20 Mbps, it has been stable, then Zuku connected the hood, decided to try, I now get 50 Mbps for the same price I used to pay Saf for 20. So far the connection is stable. This is my first month on Zuku.

I would imagine that at high speeds 10mps and above, all providers will seem reliable. However, at base speeds 2mps and 5mps, that is where you know which companies have better services. Granted, the frequency of downtimes and lost signals will appear at even 100mps if a company is really careless. I am testing safaricom fiber 5mps. So far, its more impressive than zuku. The uplink issues seem to have been fixed. Will report back here in 3 weeks, when I will decide whether to go back to zuku