Safaricom Fibre To the Home Experiences,Please share

So far its been two months as a new subscriber of Safaricom’s fibre product.I was skeptical at first but its reliablility and quality of service has really impressed me,especially in my area.Its an internet only product,unlike zuku terminating copper fibre to the house,safaricom terminate a thin fibre cable…Customer service is great,after being whitelisted on 400,they are just a toll free call away…So far no downtime,phone service and tv services are not needed if one has the right software tools and apps that provide the services for free or at a small fee…payment is via MPESA deduction,so easy and simple.Kindly share your experiences on this new Safaricom product.


With such speeds, who wouldn’t love Safaricom FTTH? I commend them for a great service!

I’ll try it when it becomes available in my area. A 6 year over frustrated Zuku user, I need change.

Those speed tests are useless at time. On zuku i’m getting 20Mbps downspeed yet i can barely stream a 720p on YouTube. I guess the reason why Safaricom is better right now is because it doesn’t have so many subscribers. Enjoy it while it lasts!

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How much is Safaricom Fibre and at what speeds?

Its important to note that these are speeds on local servers. We still depend on foreign hosted content like 90 percent of the time.
It would be nice to do an international server speedtest. would be a good speedtest.


Yes but you can the change the server. I did the test on a foreign server. YouTube has invested in CDNs or some kind of content delivery optimization technology for most regions. I shouldn’t be having issues with a 20Mbps streaming YouTube. I guess its the congestion on Zuku or their traffic management is really bad. To be fair to zuku, its only 70.0% of the time i have issues(haha).

Safaricom has been expanding. I have used it since November last year, and seeing that my whole estate is connected, the speeds have remained constant. I do not think we will be seeing any reduction in speeds.

The whole estate is connected-meaning they have laid the cables or all the residents are using Safaricom(have an actual subscription)?

How much does it cost?

Everyone used Safaricom, we used to have a different provider but we all switched when Safaricom came along.
I use the 10Mbps which goes for 3500

Yes, YouTube caches locally - but if you are the first guy locally to view a particular video clip, then you are the one suffering the buffering (oooH, I like that: suffering the buffering :smiley: ).

So the trick is to do other stuff and let it run (with the sound off, so you don’t get distracted) and then ‘play it again, Sam’ (couldn’t resist the ‘Casablanca’ reference :smiley: )

Hehe what a way to put it but. bandwidth is always a concern

10mbps costs ksh 3,500,20Mbps costs ksh5,000 and 40Mbps costs Ksh10,000…

it means all the residents have the safaricom cable terminated in their houses but not all have subscribed,some are still on zuku.There is an increasing number who are subscribing for the product.

Yep,speedtests on zuku are useless…even a 15mbps subscription can feel very slow

10Mbps for KES 3,500 is not bad. Do they have a coverage map?

We don’t have Zuku in Kinoo. I know all my neighbours use Safaricom since we signed up all of use before Safaricom agreed to lay the cable.

I have been trying to find one, all in vain. Maybe tweeting them will yield results.

Safaricom is really good, i use the 10Mbps for 3,500/- and my playstation online gaming is flawless no lag, KODI TV Shows and Movies also flawless, Zuku is crap