Safaricom Ematic Box; Thoughts?

I never skip updates on any of my devices, and just to be sure I checked and its up to date.

This is one of the first things I did when the problem occurred, same problem persists

No idea how to go about this but I have never had an issue with my router. I’m on 20mbps Safaricom Fibre which is super fast with no downtimes whatsoever.

Did I mention tethering using my Saf and Telkom lines also didn’t work? If its a software issue then i wouldn’t recommend the Ematic Box to anyone, I’ve had the Mibox for 2 years before being stolen and I’ve never experienced an issue like this before.

Judging from responses here maybe the box is not popular or yours is defective …maybe it’s radio antennae or optical comms SoC component has issues? Find out return/replacement policies ASAP …

My thoughts exactly, I’m planning on taking it back to Safaricom and will update you guyz on the outcome

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So the box just decided to behave out of blue i didn’t have to take it to safaricom, but then again i bought the MiBox S with all that frustration and noticed something. I have the Stremio App which i religiously use to stream Movies and Series installed in both boxes. The MiBox runs the app flawlessly but the annoying Ematic box on the other hand keeps crashing the app after every 15 minutes everytime smh (i counted). Anybody else experience this?