Safaricom Ematic Box; Thoughts..?

Hey guys, I haven’t seen anyone talk about or recommend the Ematic Box by safaricom… Is it that bad? :laughing: :laughing:

Safaricom has listed it on their fibre home website, so its safe to say its their product. No sim support though. I have seen this box on Amazon but I think it’s a South African Brand.

Anyways, here’re the specs:
AndroidTV 8.1 (Kwa Ematic website they claim there’s Android 9 via OTA)
Wifi 5 (ac) (wanadai AC ni optional at some places :unamused:)
Bluetooth (their web-editor must have been in hurry, kuna 2.0, 4.0. 4.2, I don’t know which bluetooth version this thing supports. its safe to say 4.2)
Chromecast support
HDMI 2.0b with CEC (control tv through the box)
HDR 10 and HLG for terrestrial tv
Supports widevine, and has VP9 and HEVC decoders (kwani nobody still supports AV1?)
2gb/8gig memory+storage

For Ksh6,879 on Masoko

Anyone considering Mi Box S can also get this one

Kanakaa ivi… Anyone using it?

Annotation 2020-05-02 091552

Is anyone else finding the website slow when browsing through of late?

People are hesitant to indulge in unknown brands, and if it’s a bad experience you don’t want to be the one reporting that. Safaricom hasn’t helped things by selling it and not making noise about it. Also, it’s out of stock, or never was in stock.

Masoko as it is, selling Safaricom products is unnecessary in my opinion. They should have redirected it back to shop.Safaricom…


The first instance when I knew masoko was not going to make it was when I tried ordering something about a year+ back and when it came to delivery, they insisted I use G4S and charged per kilo!

Nikajua hapa hakuna biashara. Tena at the same time Jumia was offering free delivery for the same item