Safaricom Easy Bundle (Safaricom monthly Unlimited @3,500 bob or @6,000bob)

Ni unlimited zipi you guys are talking about… Telkom najua tu 2gb for 99… Saf 1gb for 100 ile blaze, Airtel nikama hawanaga. Clarify @deewinc @iamtembo

Nimeiona , but not bad though its not unlimited as they put it.

  • You get a Daily allocation of 6GB to browse at Full Speeds, 10GB to browse at 1mbps and 10GB to browse at 512Kbps.
  • The Daily FUP is reset every day at midnight.

Link to this?

Teremka chini hapo kwa FAQ kuna FUP. Expand uone

Hii ya EasyBundles tu ya Safaricom ama una maanisha?

Ah I thought he was talking about the offering for #airtel-kenya but I have seen the thread …

The pricing for this and the strategy seems to mirror #safaricom FTTH offer of 10 Mbps but with obvious restraints as it’s over BTS networks …quite a deal for those without fibre but obvious drawbacks such as latency, no guarantees in speed and the caps …

@Omgitsdes I use Airtel Postpaid Unlimited, 3,500 per month. Been using it since around 2015 when it was only 3G and there are no FUPs . Safaricom fibre walikataa kuja on our side of the road so till they do long live Airtel

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I have received independent confirmation that the calamity has also hit the gigabox easy 30 bundle. It’s not much use as a streaming box now since you have to use it judiciously to avoid racking up crazy data bills if you are outside fiber coverage.

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