Safaricom Easy Bundle (Safaricom monthly Unlimited @3,500 bob or @6,000bob)

The Skeptic in me shouts that Safaricom will easily run a script one day/night and wipe the possibility of it when enough customers take the bait. :sob:


Has this been investigated or is it being currently investigated …Do you access the ‘extra’ 1 TB at a capped speed of 256 or is it full speed? The FAQs say that when your bundle runs out you are capped at 256 Kbps and it may become slower for several other reasons …see images below

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At full speed. I’d requested others with the box to confirm the same. Could be a glitch favouring my particular Big box number. Just like you, i don’t trust Safaricom hence the need to have others confirm.


Still waiting for more confirmation on this unlimited

How do you access Safaricom Easy Bundle?

*485# but I think you have to be registered first, either as a Safaricom Business Internet or Giga Box user

also if someone is registered they cn buy for you like their employee

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Those who want to try it inbox me with 3800. I’ll buy for you and you can give us feedback.

Need I say more?

Apart from the observation that the gigabox 30GB is 3500, but zidisha 30GB is 3800.


has anyone ever disassembled this box to check if the Cellular card is an addon or everything is embedded on one board.
The previous gen box had a MPCIE card.

@holycow waiting for your input also

Opened it up, it’s the same. Two sim slots, one with a white sim card (mini sim, no cutouts for micro or nano sim, didn’t pull it out and try on another device.), mPCIe card.

Cheers @Satoshi , let me shop around for one .
Kindly :pray::pray: post a photo of the specific mPCIe or post the specific model /part number to check what its capable of.
Thank you in advance.

I’m 98% sure it’s this mPCIe LTE module. It supports LTE band 3,7, 20 and UMTS 1,8. The bands and the IMEI are printed on the module itself. So if your bright idea was to use a faiba sim card instead then it’s doomed to fail :grin:

But if your bright idea was to ‘something something’ the IMEI and use the white sim on another device then it will probably work.

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LTE cat 4? :triumph::triumph::triumph:

Hapo kwa Faiba umenionea 18 :grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:, anyway my idea is PFSense + pico PC

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Well, decided to to try out Big Box after 2 months. Nothing has changed. My Zuku package is now 3,999/= The Big box looks attractive because speeds are more than 10Mbps and it’s cheaper than Zuku. I’ve never managed to clear the Easy Unlimited Data.


I see like 2 pages for the product(maybe diff gens) … #safaricom seems not to be taking down this page leading to my assumption that the products are still available for purchase …

Though surprising when you go to the second link it works for the first couple of times and then redirects you to the page with the gen 2 …don’t know if it’s a caching issue …

The deal looks much promising especially for pple without FTTH currently and competes favourably against #telkom’s Home Plans …just hook it up and use it like an AP/Gateway for your local area network with nothing else, not even the Android Tv features …


Hello Friends. I’ve been using this for the past 1 year switched from liquid telecom as they don’t have anything above 5MB/s in my area. I’ve learned that even when you’ve used up your 30gig bundle you still get 1TB without FUP. Anyone else enjoying this? Now I’ve downloaded and played all 2018 PC games. You can get a Mi-fi and use it as you car wi-fi since safaricom has coverage nationwide. I get good speeds wherever I go


this is interesting