Safaricom Easy Bundle (Safaricom monthly Unlimited @3,500 bob or @6,000bob)

Safaricom Easy Bundles targets SME’s but this is just a marketing gimmick. The unlimited works the same as Orange’s or Airtel’s unlimited internet.

@3,500/- per month you get 30GB

@6,000/- per month you get 50GB

After that FUP speeds @256kbps applies.

What do you think?

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Why didn’t I know these things existed?


People should let unlimited be what it is, unlimited. They should rename them to FUP 30GB and FUP 50GB


The one for 6000bob was there. I think for close to 6 months now. The 3,500 bob they have introduced it today chini ya maji. It’s not even appearing anywhere on their website but when you ask them they’ll confirm to you that it is there.

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:joy::joy::joy::joy: But we have come from far. Do you remember Michael Joseph’s “Virtual Unlimited” internet ya 8MB per day back in 2010?


Safaricom Easy Bundles? Aii. These names.

As funny and cunning as the name might be, competition from the biggest service provider is great. I mean, now that Safaricom is preying on Orange’s and Airtel market for unlimited (well, sort of) data based on the same preferences, we might see Orange or Airtel being forced to do something about it. May be up the FUP speeds?

FUP should now be throttled to 1 or 2 Mbps after 50GB monthly,instead of the 256kbps…Now thats real value for money.

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How fast or slow is 256kbps, can you watch YouTube at 144p or 240p? I am asking because Orange 30GB at 3k is a good offer but reliability and availability is very shaky, I can get 3G on safaricom even in shags and guaranteed 4g in Mombasa and Nairobi

You can stream 240p. I have previously done it on Airtel.

Safaricom 4G plus

Well with bundles, it is of no benefit to the user.

Safaricon loves to announce mediocrity. They offer the bare minimum and act like they’ve done consumers such a big favour.

In the CBD, the fastest 4G ive consistently experienced was 20Mbps up & down, MAX on an S7 Edge. During the S8 Launch a month ago, we (@sarunibm and I) tested 4G on an S8+, 15Mbps average speeds as you can see below

The user also told us the fastest speed her ever seen on his S8+ was 40Mbps in westlands. S8 has LTE C.16 antennae = 1024Mbps. If 4G+ is 50% faster, then we should see a max speed of 60Mbps going by their statement.

Now, Verizon in the US has had LTE-A (also marketed as 4G+) since August 2016, with a video demonstrating the speeds here ->

These aren’t just typical marketing videos. I asked a friend to test out the speeds their area - using an iPhone 7, whose antennae is LTE C.9 = 450Mbps, half the speeds of what the S8 has - and this is what they sent me:

This is the $80 Unlimited plan that we covered earlier - 22GB a month on phone, 10GB tethering limit, unlimited calls to Mexico & Canada (we’d have unlimited calling throughout EAC here) all for the equivalent of KES 2500. Other carriers have better offers for $10 more or less but you get the point.

With all this, I find it laughable that some are excited about their 30GB for KES 3500 data only plan at a speed that’s half of what should be offered & no additional perks/bundled offers. Competitors should come and save us from this robbery.

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Unfortunately, there is none that is willing to step up the game.

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Another THING from orange 7telkom,it was on their site yesterday then it was removed, seems their network issues have been resolved, they might just be the competition safaricom needs

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Wow you mean they have removed it? Perhaps, waiting for rebranding. I hope the home solution would truly be unlimited based on speeds like fiber and not FUPs.

It is time for other networks to realize that the future is on data and not calls. The current generation of millennials are not going to use phone calls when what’s app calling and video calling is here. Waachie tu Safaricom phone calls but Data wapiganie kabisa.

Unfortunately, this are home talk bundles.

The unlimited is capped at 50GB

On my screen the X-Cell Weekly 12GB is still showing (using their 3G modem)

I know SEACOM fixed their fibre cut, but Airtel has been getting worse and worse. It’s slower than Orange and I’m it sure if it’s because it’s ge has a better network or if it’s because it has fewer users :thinking:

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It’s been bad btw since Friday on my side and I even complained to Airtel on Twitter on Saturday, on my side i can say its improved, could even stream the champions league final well on Saturday.
Btw I just started using my Telkom line after a long while. I redeemed some Ziada (same as bonga) points just to do a speedtest and I assumed that the bundles would go after 24 hours, the way they do on Saf and Airtel. I removed the SIM and didn’t use it yesterday. So today I decide to switch it back on and try to do another speedtest. At the first check of my balance there’s no bundle balance. I then decide to redeem 15mb for the around like 200 ziada points, hoping it won’t run out in the middle of the test. The test runs smoothly to my surprise and going back to check my bundle balance I see 268MB. Seems to me that if the bundle is past it’s expiry then u cannot use it but it’s not done away with and if you buy another bundle then it will be added to the expired bundle and the validity will be extended. This for me is plus for mobile data, akuna kuibiwa bundles

This is HSPA+ btw haven’t gotten the Telkom 4G SIM yet

4G SIM card is not available for sale yet, so that was not an option for you yet. But we’ll find out tomorrow of 4G is one of the things that get announced alongside rebrand.