Safaricom Domains Security Breach

If you have bought a domain from Safaricom, login to your Client area and check your Admin Contact Information immediately.

Some months back I noticed a different Admin Contact than myself (after they migrated to WHMCS), I thought it was an oversight error and deleted this person’s info (Yes, it was a person, with personal phone and gmail address) NOT SAFARICOM.

Last month, I log back in just looking around, and viola, the contact information was back. I deleted, and added my own, changed my password and called it a day.

Guess what happened today, SAME SHIT, this person’s name is still added as an ADMIN CONTACT. Like what the hell…

Tried my best to redact

I have reached out to Safaricom Business Support (as usual, bad service) wananisho I delete the info…

This is why we don’t trust local companies.