Safaricom App Requires Bundles to Function?

Guys, has anyone tried to use the Safaricom App without data bundles? The app won’t work and since they made sure that the app is not usable using WiFi or data from your alternative simcard on your dual sim phone (if you have any), then why make the app to use bundles them?

I think using the app should be free or what do you guys think?

Safaricom says that it only requires the data connection to connect to their server but it actually doesn’t use up your bundles.

I agree, it should be free on Safaricom.

In other words, I must have an active data bundle, but it won’t be used during the session, right?

Mine works fine when I don’t have bundles(I just tried). It also works fine when I use Wifi, but I don’t have a dual sim phone.

I tried it this morning and it failed to work like always, unless I have a bundle. I think @martingicheru once pointed out that it was not working on WiFi, which is an issue that Safaricom CC told me on twitter that the app is limited to work on data only.

Yes, especially for M-PESA services you need to be connected through their Network. Wi-Fi won’t work.

I don’t know what kind of security measure this is, limiting access to only their mobile network. Is it to prevent sniffing?

They have confirmed that I need to have an active bundle, but the bundle won’t be consumed during the process of transacting. [quote=“martingicheru, post:8, topic:1428, full:true”]
I don’t know what kind of security measure this is, limiting access to only their mobile network. Is it to prevent sniffing?

However, I find it funny. Why should I have an active bundle. Si waache tu we use it because I use mpesa the most. This month I think nimenunua 15MB pekee on their network.

Equity Bank app can work with any network. The same is also true with other bank apps. Hata kama ni sniffing, hii yao ni so “Apple-lish”

You mean after I register my equity app with my sim, I can then continue to use the app with another sim in the phone? say Telkom or safaricom, that could be intersting

I will make a video on how I use it using WiFi then share It here.

Yup, for equity eazzy pay app i only put the equitel simcard for registering the app once, after that i removed it and now have safaricom and telkom on my dual sim phone and the eazzy pay app functions just fine

The Equity Bank app won’t work if the Equitel SIM card is not in the phone.

Isn’t it just one app, EazzyApp? You say it works without the SIM card in?

Equity eazzypay app works without the equitel simcard inserted, my phone only has safaricom sim inserted

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That will be great. At least, I won’t have to buy bundles to use the app anymore.

My app works with WiFi without any problem.

I guess it’s like WhatsApp after authentication you can still use it with no sim inside the phone, safaricom should do the same for the mpesa app, many times when you travel out of the country mpesa doesn’t work,if it was delinked from the simcard then I would be able to use mpesa anywhere in the world where there is internet

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I am always on WiFi when using the Safaricom App. Works every time.

This is no longer needed. You don’t need an equitel line to register.

Just did an update and realized it’s now working on WiFi. It never used to work and Safaricom CC had confirmed this to me a few months ago. Thanks guys for the alert, that means no more buying MBs from them anymore