Safaricom App Error

So today i click on My Safaricom App to pay some bills and i’m met with a Black screen prompting me to join Safaricom Blaze, like seriously??? (i’m in my mid 30s i thought this product was for people below 26 years)


So I assumed this is an error and just for kicks i clicked on, ‘Join Blaze today’ expecting the app to deny me access since Safaricom knows my age anyway so ideally it should deny me access but to my suprise it went through and the Safaricom App changed to the Blaze interface, the Platinum interface i was used to was now gone :cry:



Seeing a new Interface besides Platinum which i was used to, i decided to explore through it and it didn’t take long for me to become disinterested in it. (Me and the products it offers just don’t relate) I went straight to google and typed “how to opt out of Blaze” to go back to my kawaida Uwezo Tarrif of which i successfully did.


Now my question is, is this an error on Safaricoms part? How does the app not know my age and bring me this Blaze package, or was Blaze opened up to everyone coz i did not get the Memo. Who else got this Blaze prompt on their Safaricom app?

And oh yeah, even after unsubscribing from blaze i still don’t have the option of going back to the Platinum interface i’m still stuck with “Go back to Blaze” :cry: :cry:


I saw this a few minutes ago while also paying bills and I’m glad I didn’t consider opting in.

Welcome to the new age people :joy:

Hey guyz, check whether your Safaricom App Bill Manager entries are still there, mine have totally disappeared i’m being met with a screen to input new bills afresh, like seriously i had so many bills saved up in there which i religiously used not only to pay bills but also top up bank a/cs. This must have come with the new update. Now even trying to save a new bill is a problem the app simply wont save it smh.

My app won’t even get past this screen.

Is your Safaricom on SIM 1? though i don’t think that could be the issue

UPDATE: The Bill Manager entries are back this morning, but as of yesterday most of the people i interacted it with said their entries were also missing. Just so you know when you format your phone and reinstall My Safaricom App your bill Manager still has your saved bill entries.

Now my question is, could Safaricom be having access to these entries on their end? and if that is the case, could one of their so called rogue employees alter some of your bill entries especially bank account bill entries to theirs such that when you top up your bank account you actually top up theirs?


Is yours working now? Mine just stopped working and reset itself now I can’t receive the activation OTP to get it working again. I called Safaricom Care twice and all they say is there is an outtage in some lines which will be resolved soon.

To test their theory I tried my second Safaricom line and the app works fine including sending an activation OTP after clearing the app cache and storage.

Forgot to share this update here on time. But in summary, they re-authenticated the app after the changes to transaction charges and limits.

It wasn’t temporary though… I used the simcard once and activated it then worked simless for 2 days then it forcefully logged me out…

Not bothered to try again so am not sure whether they stopped

Hi, mysafaricom app is working fine. Ensure that you are connected to mobile data and have a least 2mbs of data bundles. Also advise on what error you are getting when accessing the app.

That’s so obvious nope that’s not it, nobody at Safaricom could solve my issue 5 days straight. i figured it out by myself by mistake anyway. The solution is this, my phones region was set to English (United States) since i use my Google Clock Assistant feature a lot, (Apparently Google Clock Assistant feature cannot work with any other region setting) When i formatted my phone it by default set my phone region back to English (Kenya) and My Safaricom App now works like a charm. Problem is Google Clock Assistant isn’t working. :neutral_face:

Changing my phone region back to English (United States) (to make Google Clock Assistant to work), does not affect the now activated My Safaricom App as it still works fine but in the event the app happens to autoupdate and reset itself it will not automatically log me back in until i change Phone Region Language setting back to English (Kenya). SMH

PS: Even with no bundles (0MB) the app will still activate i.e. Send OTP

Problem here was Phone Region Setting of which Customer Care na Technical Team wao hawajui DSMH