Safaricom App Error

So today i click on My Safaricom App to pay some bills and i’m met with a Black screen prompting me to join Safaricom Blaze, like seriously??? (i’m in my mid 30s i thought this product was for people below 26 years)


So I assumed this is an error and just for kicks i clicked on, ‘Join Blaze today’ expecting the app to deny me access since Safaricom knows my age anyway so ideally it should deny me access but to my suprise it went through and the Safaricom App changed to the Blaze interface, the Platinum interface i was used to was now gone :cry:



Seeing a new Interface besides Platinum which i was used to, i decided to explore through it and it didn’t take long for me to become disinterested in it. (Me and the products it offers just don’t relate) I went straight to google and typed “how to opt out of Blaze” to go back to my kawaida Uwezo Tarrif of which i successfully did.


Now my question is, is this an error on Safaricoms part? How does the app not know my age and bring me this Blaze package, or was Blaze opened up to everyone coz i did not get the Memo. Who else got this Blaze prompt on their Safaricom app?

And oh yeah, even after unsubscribing from blaze i still don’t have the option of going back to the Platinum interface i’m still stuck with “Go back to Blaze” :cry: :cry:


I saw this a few minutes ago while also paying bills and I’m glad I didn’t consider opting in.

Welcome to the new age people :joy: