Safaricom Api Version 2 - What's your experience?

Hi Guys,

What’s has been your experience so far with the new safaricom api’s?


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Well coming from their old apis I will be the first to tell you switching to REST was awesome.

  • I’m for the REST api and they did make a very reasonable attempt at ensuring that it’s much easier to access their API’s.
  • Their documentation as well has improved but despite so the new documentation is still far from perfect.
  • I had an issue with their developer team because despite the intention being for it to be much easier to access their apis through different languages, almost all their customer care guys from the developer team were only conversant with a few of the languages. Which aided in explaining why their documentation was still off.
  • I’ve encountered a few issues with PHP and trying to resolve this with the team has been a snug. Nonetheless I shall not relent. Let the next developer come and not have to go through the issues I have had to go through.

All in all. Major upgrade from the earlier API’s solid for newcomers nand less of a hustle to go through.

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I’m interested. Does it offer mock services for developers?

There’s a sandbox that allows you to play around before going into production.

Thanks Maggz,

My experience is almost similar. I love the fact that they removed that monster of VPN integration. I can summarize my experience as below:

  • Go Live Process - This is still a little bit of a challenge, they are yet to perfect on this process, It’s still unfriendly.

  • For C2B Callbacks - It would seem its impossible to change this URL after you’ve set it. Also, moving from G2 Api, you are required to write emails asking for this transition, which to me doesn’t make sense at all!

  • Enquiries Response Time - I feel that this is still a problem, I feel they need to work on how long they take to respond to customer issues.
    All in all, the api works well, and its a step in the right direction!