Safaricom 5G trials in Kenya

That’s the 5GHz band

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4G Vs 5G…

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I just hope that people dont fall for it.

this is too low for 5G…We should be talking minimum speeds of 500Mbps or 1Gbps…Anything else is a fraud

Yeah, I know. But issa an Upgrade nonetheless.

Though in reality what we are exitedly calling 5G is simply 4G, while 4G is 3G and so forth…

And as you can see in the Pics, this is precisely what I sought out to show… That currently 5G is actually 4G (Speedwise)

Yep,i agree with you on that.

Picked 5G signal on Southern Bypass between Airtel and Langata Road. Didn’t do a speed test.

In addition, It’s important to consider 5GHz, it has 23 non-overlapping channels, especially if you’re in a congested area such as an apartment and don’t want to bishana with neighbours asking them to to conform to one of the non-overlapping channels (1,6 or 11) for 2.4 GHz and/or reduce their signal strength (Tx power)…

Heck it might not even be their routers causing interference as wireless Mice/Keyboards, Microwaves, Car Alarms etc share this space

Which app/platform are you getting these details from? I’m curious.


NEW: You can now access Safaricom 5G’s network on the OPPO Reno6 5G. The phone launched without access to 5G but a new update has now opened up its 5G capabilities.

I have a request, could you please export and upload this NVRAM configurations for me of the oppo Reno 6 5G using modem meta

Why do you want someone else’s IMEI?

I don’t want the IMEI I just want the carrier aggregation configurations, to see if I can implement them on a different mediatek phone

This is quite technical, I wonder if someone can answer this correctly. If your query gets answered I will post one technical issue as well that I need assistance for.

First they need to have home fiber matching those speeds. Hawa watu wako na mchezo sana.

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You are right agreed.