Safaricom 5G trials in Kenya

Yeah, 5G and capped at 10Mbps is absurd.

Safaricom 5G now available at Yaya Centre. Signal stronger than the one at Safaricom Headquarters.


Safcom think we are very dumb,5G cant be anywhere less than 200Mbps…they even know their home fibre product can go upto 1Gbps and still throttle us to 100Mbps…the FUPs need revision if they want to provide true 5G otherwise.I dont see the sense of it.


How many MBs did you spend for this test alone?

its just selling us stupid.

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Hi, this is George from Techweez. What device were you using to get the 5G connection?

Lol i know right,
first of all which band of 5G are we getting? low band, mid band, or high band? i can bet its the low band.
bundles za 5G will they even be affordable kama 4g yenyewe zinaisha hio style.
Safaricom has been playing games since the new CEO arrived, kwanza since they started the FUP on home fibre.

For some reason Phone shows am connected to 5G but speedtest shows 4G…

Has this actually been implemented. Have exhausted my limit with no noticeable change in Speeds.

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It’s the mid-band/C-band. I guess the n78…? Someone shared data a while back, check kwa thread.

Ebu share more info. Safaricom is relatively cheap, the only reason I haven’t switched is the fear of exhausting my cap in two weeks (virtually every month). If they haven’t implemented this FUP thing then I might switch.

Have hit FUP and am on normal speeds… So for me I would say they haven’t implemented it though it exists on paper…

Could be am an exception so can’t really say for sure. Anyone to collaborate?


Yeah, it could be an exception. Or, they kick you to FUP limits when the line is saturated. So uki complain unaambiwa cap exceeded. I guess everyone is fine until your area is saturated, meaning those who’re still within limits are prioritized. This is just speculation though.

Hebu jaribu testing speeds on Sunday afternoons and in the evenings around 8pm uone.

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NetMonster opposite Safaricom HQ

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Redmi Note 10 5G.

I didn’t check but from previous experience, 5G downs a gigabyte for about 3 tests.

This happens when the 5G signal is weak.

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That goes to show the viability of 5G in Kenya. If almost 9 months after launch, 5G is barely available at Safaricon’s HQ…

Yes, i have a few friends who have been crying over this for the past few months. Unless for your case you don’t experience this?

Some days back Safaricom were replacing the old routers with the new ones. Since i was an old subscriber with an old router, they called, came over and replaced mine with the new one. Ever since then I’ve noticed the router displays two SSIDs. My kawaida SSID and another one with the same SSID but with “5G” added at the end.

Does this mean the routers are 5G ready? Anyone to shed some light on this? My phone isnt 5G ready so i can’t test it.

Well they use 5Ghz which is a WiFi Band for Home Networks.

This is not to be confused with 5G for Mobile Networks.


@Stiffler254 So why display two SSIDs from the same router, is there any advantage of using one SSID over the other?

The 2.4GHz band offers coverage at a longer range; however, it transmits data at slower speeds. Instead, the 5GHz band gives less coverage but sends data at faster speeds.

Some older devices only support 2.4GHz so you have no real choice…

Basically if you in good range and your device supports it, better to connect to 5GHz…