Safaricom 5G trials in Kenya

Why can’t the CAK extend this quality requirements to data?

Telkom Kenya needs to wake up. Their CEO isn’t even talking anything about that network on his social media. Just sharing random stuff :joy::joy::joy:

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A coincidence that they are upgrading 600 sites and also have similar (600) sites for 5G? Furthermore, the 5G sites will not be turned on?

It must be one …Can’t quite put my finger … upgrade to avoid fines on revenue or infra that will not be turned on?

Telkom Kenya is still on Edge in most parts of Kenya. They told me they have plans to upgrade to 3G later when they get enough clients :joy::joy::joy:


Loll Seriously…!?

Given that it’s parent owner and majority shareholder (Helios Investment Partners) is Zuku’s FTTH former owner, sioni matumaini any time soon. :joy::joy::joy:

Yes. The good thing with Telkom customer care is they are very honest.

I am still hoping Reliance Jio watakuja Kenya.

Airtel wants to sell 30% to kenyan investors, will this help them out? why haven’t they tried poaching saf talents?

#Airtel is being pushed …

Interesting sight, got an electricity outage and I now notice that the SSID being beamed here for wireless internet is 5G.

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5Ghz wifi? :thinking:

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I think that’s 5Ghz WiFi as mentioned by @deewinc .