Safaricom 5G trials in Kenya

Someone has just posted the speeds. 930mbps to 1.3Gbps.


gigabit speeds on 5G is expected and normal.Question becomes if they will rearrange the FUPs and bundles to conform with the massive bandwidth upgrades.


Question is (even for their fibre products) are high charges to the customer(revenues) relative to value offered a bid to fund reinvestments in infra and licences or are they scooping oil from a “jar that never runs out”? … gonna dig in their financials this weekend

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They should introduce something like a fisi hour bundle of unlimited internet on 5G i would milk it properly

Sounds like a pretty shitty launch to me…no product,no pricing,no availability…

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Before launching 5G minimum speeds on home fibre should be at least 100mbps. Doesn’t make sense surfing at 1gbps on a wireless network and 8mbps on fibre.


Why support for select devices? Does it mean if you have a 5G device other than the ones mentioned in this article, the tech won’t work?

Enterprise and Home Internet customers on the service will be provided with a 5G router. Additionally, the 5G service will be available on mobile phones beginning with the Huawei Mate 30 Pro and P40 today, and from the end of April 2021 on the Nokia 8.3, Samsung Galaxy S21 series, Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 and Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G.

And why is iit that unlike 4G safaricom has to add support for a phone model for it to be able to use their 5G network?

i agree with this

To force people to buy its partner’s phones, Huawei and Nokia devices. That’s why.

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Looks like 5G has become some sort of childish competition between Kenyan Telcos. :joy: . Just read that airtel has declared to have around 600 5G sites. What’s the point of these show-offs if the tech is not available for use by the customers?

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Simply mind share …It’s the “shouting I am still here …” A recent example that comes to mind is #Intel during #AMD’s 5000 series launch and the attack of #Apple M1 ads

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If this is true then safaricom might have been scared and paniced into a hurried and unprepared launch


My exact thoughts

airtel said they have 800 but they won’t switch them on because you don’t have 5G phones so it’s probably bullshit, even if only one person has the phone the should switch them on so that he is covered everywhere


There’s a sweet spot to expensive investments whereby operating expenses must be lower than revenues/customer demand. Kwa company imesota kama Airtel, I understand their sentiments :joy:

But why install them in the first place if there is no demand…!?

It is like Airtel is making empty brags…

Good question. I think answer ni hii :point_down:

Kwa hivo ka safaricom have been “first,” Airtel might be afraid of losing money without any bragging rights :joy:

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The “hidden” reason?

The CA had in January disclosed that both Airtel and Telkom Kenya failed to meet the minimum 80 percent threshold on quality of calls across 33 counties in the year ended June 2020.

Airtel scored an average mark of 52 per cent while Telkom Kenya had 73 per cent in the survey conducted last year. Safaricom scored an overall mark of 92 percent in the survey.

Satisfying CA score is critical since telcos breaching requirements on quality of calls and other service outages as a result of omission on their part risk a fine of up to 0.2 per cent of their revenues, which could run into hundreds of millions.

With the very poor Quality of 2G, 3G and 4G in mind, why would someone rush to invest in 5G…!?