Safaricom 5G trials in Kenya

Can, confirm. Wameamua of late


Purely 4G or 4G+ ?

got tired of their bad speeds and decided to do some speeds tests around the neighbourhood thinking it was my phone with a problem and speeds were bad was getting 1Mpbs down, went to K-Mall in Komarock (Just on the other side of where i stay) speeds where hitting 50Mbps. looks like they don’t have enough cell towers

Should be 4G+,it just usually shows up as 4G these days on this phone

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I’m surrounded by 3 Telkom 4G network towers within a 300 meter radius, with one being 50 meters away.

hehe hii network yao iko na shida hazieleweki

What I noticed is that my phone/router no longer pings to these 4G towers close to me. No matter how hard I try to reboot or toggle the network on/off. That issue started late last year from Dec 20, 2019.

I complained to the tune of them sending network technicians to come check. I explained the situation and they did troubleshoot and agreed that 4G network in the area is terrible despite being well-covered in terms of network towers but they didn’t want to explain to me on why, their devices fail to ping to close towers. We went as far as standing next to these towers.

The three towers are the ones close to me. On Open Signal app, their 4G tower are countless within a 1KM radius. But still devices won’t connect to these towers. They promised to fix the situation within three days time and went silent just like that.

That’s what makes me to believe that some of their capacity is being used by Airtel. Nowadays, my phone/router will ping to a tower over 10kms away. Unapata ina swing between a tower in the CBD, Thika RD, or Mombasa RD.

This is what happens between 3:00AM ~ 7:00AM. The speeds go back to normal. Then from 7:00AM to the rest of the day, everything deteriorates to as low as <0.5mbs download. I noticed someone had tweeted them the same. So I thought I should check it out too.

I have asked them on Twitter on why they share network resources at the expense of harming their customers’ user experience. They haven’t denied doing that but have instead asked for my number for the a thousandth time.

same thing with me, but with slower speeds