Safaricom 5G trials in Kenya

Also something I overlooked …What’s the coverage like for #Safaricom’s #5G? Would like to see a map specifically from them as they’ll be responsible for their words should it(coverage) fall short.

Lastly will it be like #4G all over again where you buy “bundles” for different network generations?

Credit → ephraimnjegafans over at Twitter

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Good call. I meant that since 5G is so fast, Safaricom will make a killing by maintaining (or slightly reducing) bundle prices.

Safaricom must be seeing 5G as the next evolution in their fixed broadband (FTTH). I’m guessing they’ll try to convince people that a 5G connection is just like a fiber connection. Unfortunately that’s only true for mmWave 5G which they are NOT using. They’ll probably use 2600 MHz and 3500 MHz for their 5G network. Those frequencies are just a slight upgrade over 4G.

5G is not worth it…Unless they decide to actually slow down 4G intentionally…i mean what are the use cases for anything above 100Mbps even?


5G will never compare with Fiber,even on latency on a good day.

True. But that one connection with a capacity of like 1,000mbps can be split to proper packages of 20, 30, 50 mbps to accommodate a good number of customers. Not the current gimmicks by Safaricom.

Now imagine one 5G base station can accommodate up to a million customers verses 4G’s limit of 100,000 customers. It can surely do ISPs good. Though as of now 5G is still not mature.

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More “mazematics” and rationalization needed here. Speeds aside… What’s the range of the various “#5G” technologies? And what’ll be the population density needed to squeeze X,000,000 people to get that coverage?

The challenge is true 5G should be offering a minimum of 500Mbps…the practicalities of such speeds using bundles means bundles get exhausted pretty quickly…FUPs need to be adjusted. They can first start of with JTL Faiba like packages & pricing then transition onwards with a revised FUP.

I totally agree, if i can do close to 6GB on 4G in around 30 min I don’t see whyi should pay a higher price for speeds that make no sense. Airtel did a good thing of ignoring the hype and focused on building up their 4G network

Since it’s still evolving, ISPs and OEMs have successfully tested distances of up to 10KMs on mmWave frequency.

In urban areas, capacity is everything. Just a few BTS will be required to serve the populations. Very easy to have over a million people in such a circumference.

Did they now… As soon as Safaricon gave a presser on 5G last year Airtel quickly came out to say they had over 600 5G sites!


Interesting just at Sufericon HQ 5G doesn’t work, at least for me. No internet yet I have or calls full bars! I have to set LTE instead of 5G as the preferred Network option.

That goes to show how serious they are…

In fact intend to permanently set 4G as my preferred Network. 5G ikae uko…