Safaricom 5G trials in Kenya

So I stumbled across this article about Safaricom performing 5G network trials in Kenya. Do you think we ready for 5G? Any thoughts?

I think they could start with a fixed service(probably to replace Wimax…could even use that spectrum)

5G means more bandwidth,we talking 300 to 600Mbps real world speeds,Use-cases for such bandwidth is yet to be proven out and current bundle caps will not help its adoption.We are yet to even the full potential of 4G due to bundles so 5G is just hot air unless it is used to provide a fixed monthly service.First they need to get the usecases proven out by using their existing home fibre base…Start by tripling bandwidth for all existing packages at no extra costs.Deploy an experience centre where customers can experience true 5G.

We barely even have good 3G Coverage in like 60% of the country. Heck even what we call 4G isn’t actually 4G. Why rush to 5G…!?

We should first optimize on 3G and 4G…

5G for now is not an option to an ordinary consumer in Kenya if my Telkom 3g speeds in ushago beats safaricom’s 4g speeds by far I don’t know why the rush to 5g but full 4g potential is just good for the consumer am not even thinking of by a 5g phone till 2023 in Kenya we not yet there we not ready for 5g

It would be awesome if they used 5G to rollout broadband… 1gbps mmWave :grin:

I agree, more so to supplement fiber connections. But for mobile it’s early

Yeah I agree, but with the broadband prices in Kenya, I don’t think that would be consumer friendly. Fixed broadband is still expensive in Kenya.

To sum it up in one sentence; Kenya is not ready for 5G. For 5G phones I’m sure we can buy them because 5G support is coming at the midrange specced phones this year - from both Qualcomm and MediaTek. Imo, I won’t shy away from buying a good 5G midrange device just because Kenya is lagging behind on 5G. Heck no, I need those improved SoCs, we can talk 5G later.

Guys, Safaricom’s test on 5G doesn’t mean it is rolling it out next month or soon. Tests have to be carried out earlier than official launch, whether next year or 2022. But they need to test. And consumers can prepare themselves in the meantime. This year most devices (especially za MediaTek chip) will have 5G… midrange and up. Safaricom needs to be ready.


Bring it on!

Why the rush to 5G when 4G is still under utilized? The majority of internet speeds that people get fall under LTE Class 1 (around 10mbps).

You’ll be lucky if your speeds maintain at LTE Class 2 (up to 50mbps). But the majority of devices are LTE Class 4 with support of up to 150mbps down.

A good number of us have LTE Class 6 and above devices. From Class 8 and above, the speeds are in beast mode with up to 2Gbps on LTE Class 20.

Technically, we’re only utilizing around 10% of 4G’s capability.


Okay the missed Techweez tip-off probably

Kenya has on average some of the best internet speeds compared to US and Australia and so we are justified to implement 5G. While you could imagine 5G roll out in the US means they have exhausted their use of 4G, it is quite the opposite. Some of the areas in the US are stuck on 2 Mbps while some urban areas are on 600+ Mbps. This could also be our case, Safaricom can hook up Nairobi customers with 5G (because they are the ones most likely to use it) and then focus on lowering overall costs of data. The cost of data is actually our biggest problem compared to first world countries.

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May be Australia but not the US. LTE speeds are crazy there. Rural America as scanty LTE coverage. There’s a project I did about his a while back. Most people are on VSAT and you know how that thing is expensive. Also, in rural areas of USA people own ranches, which makes no economic sense to erect an LTE mast for 10 people in a radius of like 5KMs.

I do a agree with this in total.

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Some more news…

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The above article refers. I did try logging in but stopped short. Was a bit paranoid. this is the screen that made me take off from experimenting.

What do you mean Telkom 3G beats Safaricom 4G? Did your keyboard stutter? Did you mean to say the other way round? Safaricom 3G beats Telkom 4G?

I agree. We are barely utilizing 4G. No rush for 5G

Back in ushago Telkom’s 3g speed beat safaricom’s 4g I still don’t understand the logic