Router Throttle User Speeds

Hello guys,

I need a Wi-Fi router that can be set to limit speeds for either all users at once or selectively. Any idea? An affordable router that is.

For example, I can limit anyone that connects to the router to 100KB/s or I can do it selectively. Let’s say I set the TV box at 250KB/s, then my other toys 250KB/s, and then my wife 50KB/s (:joy::joy::joy:).

As of now she is all over YouTube and the Kardashians. I need to be a sadist a bit :smiling_imp::joy::joy:


You’ll go to hell :joy::joy:

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hahaha, sazingine inabidi boss

I use DLink DIR-605L, had it for 4 years.
It does have traffic control you can limit the whole connection or by IP range.

Find one on Jumia for under 3,500.

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Thanks any idea of one that has a modem slot?


Buy mikrotik router-haplite, 750U, 950U. They are enterprise grade, programmable routers with hotspot for speed limits