Rooting with Magisk. The New Kid in Town

Magisk,unlike supersu chainfire lightweight, fast and Userfriendly| SuperSU sometimes lags though it is lightweight.
Magisk Manager has the ability to root your device specifically
You can install Magisk Modules along with Magisk Manager to unlock extra features while SuperSU app has no such features.
Magisk can hide root from applications totally. With this feature, you can use banking apps including mySafaricom app and play games like PokemonGO while SuperSU only grants or denies root permissions for specific apps
Magisk Manager can do a lot more than just rooting your device while SuperSU can be used only to root your device.

i rooted my samsung grand prime and the experience is awesome. it also has nethunter modules for those who like kali linux environment for hacking

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So it is possible for one to take advantage on your device and possibly mess with the finance apps easily?