Rivernet Home Fiber: The New Kid on the Block

Finally guys! Timbuktu has Home Fiber.

The past week, we noticed some guys installing fiber on KPLC poles and thought Zuku has decided to cover our region but Alas! It isn’t them.

The name of the company is called Rivernet and they do provide home fiber. I tried to look up for a company profile and anything of that sort but couldn’t any details despite the keyword “Rivernet Home Fiber” being suggested by Google when you try to do a search, meaning guys are searching for the company/products.

That said, here are the details;

Connection fees: 6,000bob (Router + Drop cable)


  1. 3mpbs @1,500bob
  2. 5mbps @2,500bob
  3. 8mpbs @3,500bob
  4. 10mbps @4,000bob
  5. Custom - Negotiable

The service rides on Liquid Telecom’s fiber network.

Ooh, Timbkutu is Kariobangi South :grin:


Ngoja sasa uone safaricom wakikimbia huko as if the place never existed before

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Hata hii sahii tu ndiyo tumebonga na bro. Na si ati hawako mbali. Kuna police quarters ingine along Kangundo Road wako huko. They preyed on Zuku and JTL in that region.

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Which police station? Ile iko karibu na stage ya maji??

Don’t see any articles or even blogs talking about their offerings (even their own page) …
:thinking: Maybe they don’t even need to advertise …rather that would be bothersome because Demand > Supply?

It’s a police quarters not station. Sort of gated community. East Capital or something

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They told me they’re just getting started. So, I guess with time, they’ll have everything in order.

Safaricom likes apartments or where they can get alot of customers (like gated communities) for the long term at once, even in Mowlem Heights apartments they are there but am sure they would not connect any building outside that place

Nikama urembo wa apartments pia inaamua. Juu that place has a posh gated community for KPLC staff and some gated community close to the late Mwenje’s residence. I think the KPLC area has Zuku.

Safaricom na ubaguzi.

i agree with this,kama ile esto niko they came and wired up hadi ndani ya kila nyumba na wakadrop cable ndani…then they put posters at the gate,Onboarding takes less than a day once you have paid…they move very fast and the service is pretty reliable.

There are so many flats in our hood. Shida ni ukisema Kariobangi South, they assume ni Kariobangi. That’s why no one takes the hood seriously.

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When such services come up, I see hope because one-day discrimination from this overlord fiber providers will be a non-issue.


If only starging an isp was easy ndio maana hawa mainplayers huringa

The problem for last mile is the ROI is very long (~ 10 yrs) …I don’t think #safaricom will see a break-even until 7 yrs minimum but with fiber you can:

  • Go longer distances - No need for repeater stations
  • Capacity can increased as you only need to change switching and routing equip NOT the wire …

Overall better service and even costs compared to cable/copper if you care and take the long term view …

Or maybe for counties and communities to invest in community fiber just like in the US via municipal fiber

But then the "main players " are strongly countering this …

The “popular” version by Hasan Minhaj …
:thinking: 10 years maybe we will be having 500, 750 and 1,000 Mbps symmetric for the same prices today …

These packages are almost similar to Fiberlink which is in Rongai, South C among a few other areas. Though fiberlink use a combination of fiber and radio (still not yet confirmed which type of radio but I’m guessing it’s Wimax)

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Just like that and Safaricom Home Fiber is in the hood now :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Ef, Safaricom and their predatory tactics.


hehe agents will now be on your door everyday

Lucky devil :unamused: :joy:

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Wamefika leo :joy::joy::joy:

At least now Timbuktu is part of Kenya :joy::joy::joy:

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