Revolutionizing real estate in kenya through this app

Shika keja is a new app developed by dev app kenya. Have you ever tried to move out to a new house or buying a shamba? There is always someone who will charge you a certain amount of money to view the house or the shamba. Well need not to worry, Shika keja app


will solve this problem for you. In this app you will discover properties around your location. You can also post a property on the map!. Shika keja quickly links buyers and sellers efficiently and vastly!

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Is the app free?

Yes Muriungi. The app is free on your play store. Only for android phones. Ios coming soon too

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So you guys eliminate the brokers or are you brokers yourselves? :thinking:

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So we are not necessarily brokers. We are eliminating brokers from the market. The kind that will charge you to view a property. We encourage individuals and real estate companies to post locations of their properties on sale. This way if you are busy at work and you need to move to a house or buy a shamba you can view what is around your location.

Ok then what differentiates your product from every other generic classifieds site out there?

This is better and greater in the sense that you can easily sell and buy properties without using a middle man. All you have to do is just view the properties around your location. Post the actual location of a property. Freely. Without paying us a commission after you sell.Our business is making your property adventure as successful as possible. A happy property search

I’d love to meet even one person who is look for an “adventure” when they go house hunting.

Making the process as painless and risk free as possible would be the way to go. Verified listings should be your killer feature. But that’s only my two cents.


as they say,if its free…you are the product

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I am not even sure that @Devappkenya knows what his product is. Zero confidence.

@mister_roboto we understand what our product is. We simply link buyers and sellers in real estate. Owning and renting quality homes.

I don’t know how to put this response in a less offensive way, but I hope the team @Devappkenya can take this criticism positively. First, the app’s UI is shit. It’s 2018 guys, please impress me (a typical user) with a fine, good looking UI. I’m sure you have a great idea but you may be lacking in terms of ideas on how to present it to your users. Learn at least about material design, there are plenty of docs out there that you can read.

That’s number one, the list is pretty long but I’ll only highlight pain points.

Why would you ask me to login, or register when I just launched your app first time? At least show me how you are solving my problems. Highlight what you do, and then if I feel like you are solving my problem, I can sign-up.

At this point, I feel like I want to uninstall the app, but
I decidee to proceed so that I can help a fellow developer deliver a lovable product (if this app is only for learning purposes, I can excuse you. But if it’s aimed at real users, it’s a complete fail).

Anyway, I went ahead and created an account, you asked me for my name, email and password. That’s ok, the registration seems pretty fast and I was able to login. I only have one problem, why tie my account to an email address? People nowadays have dozens of emails and can’t even remember which email they used to sign up where. I expect to enter my number and then receive a one time password, it’s an app, not a website you are offering. If someone has taken the time to install your app and use it, it means they have a phone and a mobile number. Use my phone number as my account username then send me an OTP, that’s really easy and the experience is standard.

The list is endless, there are so many ways you can improve, but first, sort out the above issues. I haven’t tested the solution, but you show that you are really solving something, I will share more insight. And without forgetting, if you can get or engage a UI/UX specialist, they can offer great insights and take this product to cruising heights.

All the best.

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Taken positively. Good stuff coming up