Request to test our m-bazaar public beta version

Hi everyone,

may I please ask you to help us make the best of our m-bazaar app before we bring it to the market.

m-bazaar is a marketing platform to help advertise businesses/services offered in Kenya and will revolutionize the way we do mobile business in Africa.

Currently we’re in a public beta version and the app will be officially launched on 1st of April.

We would appreciate if you could download the m-bazaar app from the Google play store, test it out and give us feedback & reviews on the amendments that should be made. Feel free to also share with friends who it might be of help to and don’t hesitate to get back to us if you have any questions.

Thanks in advance,
Effie & Steve

m-bazaar team
+254 705 557 005
+254 703 775 736

Great, on it!

Initial feedback, a bit underwhelming when you are there to see what offerings there are. Search doesn’t seem to work and even when you do some manual zooming, the businesses listed don’t respond when tapped.

I also struggle with the need to sign up someone to use the service if you are not yet adding a listing or responding to one? What’s the need for a casual visitor to sign up?

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Thanks for the feedback…

  1. Offerings - yes, you are right, they are currently very limited as we just went public last month and look for valuable feedback like yours before starting to do big marketing.
  2. Search - You can search all listings and texts at once but as you saw, we currently work with a limited number of testers and businesses, therefore a lot of searches won’t return results.
  3. Sign-up - This is good feedback, we will consider this for an upcoming version.

I have the same complaints as @martingicheru. Also, what makes this app different from Google maps? Almost all businesses are listed Google maps, what will make people choose this over Google?

Thank you omgitsdes for your feedback. While Google maps is mainly used by larger brick and mortar businesses and companies, the majority of the 7,4 million (small) businesses in Kenya can’t or don’t use it. For starters you need to have a valid mailing address (no P.O. boxes) to be able to get listed there. We are mainly targeting SMEs who aren’t easily found by customers (think of business parks, large office buildings with multiple tenants) and now they can easily use their GPS location and this also gives them room for mobile businesses, as you can update your position as necessary.


Props to the developers for running a beta, that’s always a good sign.

I also don’t understand the reason of forcing a sign in at the splash page.

It’s also a really niche product considering the competition is online stores, the social media giants and good old word of mouth.

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The App crashed before opening