Request for Interested users to signup for my beta app

So,last time back @martingicheru brought up a good topic where individuals can come here to get real feedback of their apps before release to general public.

I have been working on an escrow payment platform to protect sellers and buyers from rising conmen who insist you pay cash after that they disappear after you have send the cash.The app protects both parties and one can authorize payment or dispute payment after delivery of services.

I have uploaded the app on beta platform for google and i hereby want to ask anyone interested in giving feedback to have a look at it. If you would be interested to install the app,you can submit your email here on this link or send it to me on DM so that i can add your account. @TeriWanderi i kindly invite you to give critic.Your response is always on point :slight_smile:

@Johnie I have seen escrow around. I even checked out your website and I will definitely check out the app. And it goes without saying that this forum will get you some of the best opinions on your product. To start with, even before getting the app, I’d saying the UX part of the website could do with some improvement.

@weshpierre3 Thanks for your insights.Actually,we don’t have a website yet.The one you have mentioned is another player offering similar service. For us we have started with an app first which is the reason i said anyone interested to become a beta tester to click this link .Our App is in Beta on playstore if interested you can DM me your mail or signup on the beta registration url above so that you can install and check and give feedback.

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@weshpierre3 ours is called BBPay