Remember Gravity on Symbian? It's now on Android

Not sure whether this is exciting news or it’s too little too late, but Janole has brought Gravity to Android.

Now just incase you never heard of the word Symbian, it’s a mobile operating system that ran Nokia smartphones before Windows Phone happened. Now Gravity was one of those apps that you spent money on, or, you know, tried accessing install files sideways.

it was that good for Symbian, it got several services on board like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram among others. Now on Android it does have the same capabilities: RSS Feeds, Twitter, Flickr alongside others.
It’s a paid app and has barely hit ten installs, the developer announced it two days ago.

Now is it worth it, does @janole still command our attention in 2016?

Sounds like a watered-down version of the Symbian one.