Reliable IPTV with minimal buffering?

I hope this is not breaking any forum rules. For those of you who use paid IPTV, which service are you subscribed to? I have been using Vader streams but since moving back into the country, I have been getting a lot of buffering. I have the basic Zuku package, 30mbps. I get around 27 on, so speed isnt the issue. I had a slower internet where I was and the streams were flawless except for when the service was down. I have tried selecting different servers but the issue is persistent. Is there an IPTV that works really well in Kenya? One with minimal buffering and a decent number of HD channels. Has to have sports too. Kindly share your experiences.

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I’m a reseller for this one. Works really well on my 5mbps Safaricom connection. It’s about $10 for a monthly subscription. That’s the oldest IPTV/IKS service i know of. Lots of HD channels and a VOD service.

Your buffering issue may not be unique. I usually get complaints from Zuku customers that some channels either don’t load(a VPN or switching to a public DNS usually solves thing one) or buffer a lot. When they switch networks let’s say to a mobile connection(3G or 4G), it works flawlessly without the need to use a VPN or changing the DNS.


i like this. ookla option is beta unless you install flash.

You can inbox me to get your one day trial(no commitments). You can buy from that site(Paypal; has buyer protection) or directly from me(mobile money, bank etc).

i wish to try this out before i commit,can you assist Sam?..

Yes…Just PM.