Registered New Doman now Receiving Tons of Spam, But wait!

So I registered two new domains last week by purchasing them from Kenya Web Experts. For both domains, I have not paid for privacy of my personal details but I now think I will. What’s up? Well, I registered lets say Domain A and Domain B on the same day but at different span of hours. For domain A, I registered it at 6.30AM and domain B at 3.30PM on the same day. So today I decide check my email’s spam and I notice that I have over 200 spam emails all with the subject line that contain “Domain B’s” name.

At first, I thought may be it’s KenyaWebExperts who have sold my details, then I thought may be it’s because my domains’ registrar details are public. But then again why haven’t I received any spam with Domain A’s name on the subject?

All of the spam messages contain offers for designing for me a logo, SEO for my website, etc etc. Well, here is the question, why are these guys who are seeking to do business with me targeting Domain B and not Domain A?

This is very interesting actually. Did you use the same account details to register both domains?

Yes I did.

Maybe, just maybe that could have something to do with it.

Maybe Domain B was active before, and they are happy it’s back online.

Not sure why it targeted one domain over the other but this isn’t just a kenyan registrar thing. I registered a domain abroad and I CONSTANTLY get those SEO Website & Marketing messages.

Maybe there are crawlers that parse for new domains or just using google keywords for a certain region. Might be something to look into.

There could be bots doing whois lookups on random IP addresses from which they could find your email. Such as by using the link shown below.

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I think this explains it because Domain A was online for hours. Like for 9 hours before I registered Domain B.

Domain B is very catchy and I think that’s why it has become a target.


Is domain B about sex toys?

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No it’s not

We want evidence

Including access to the servers and server logs.

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What are you guys insinuating?

Which side are you on?

Let’s just say this…

First of all, I am a skilled marksman with a sling. I also have a little pebble I collected at the river bed and can see a tall sinister figure on the lakeside with what appears to be a fatal wound in the shape of a bullseye on its forehead. Every ounce of my being is screaming at me to load my weapon and send the beast into eternal damnation before it raids my lands to guide the unwitting sheep to their slaughter. Which side am I on, you ask?

Let me tell you this my friend… I will show no mercy, I will not hesitate, neither will my gaze falter as I steady my footing and put every modicum of energy I can muster into my swing. Oh! How I crave to hear the sweet sound of my pebble cutting through the air as it hurtles towards its divine purpose. The beast is weary and completely devastated by the lingering smell of imminent defeat. We all know that it shall die fighting and it might even cause the demise of a few good soldiers but nothing is more important than a battle whose cause is just.

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The servers are in Europe. Guys are still asleep. :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

PLO in the house.

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Can you translate this to binary?

Yeah, I could but only a quantum computer can decipher the encryption in it.