Region Locked Phone

Traveled to India recently and my host gave me a Samsung A52 as a gift. Now the Phone is asking for an Unlock Code which I don’t have…

After research realized I could have made a >5 Minute call while in India to unlock the Phone for use… Obviously now that am back in Kenya that is really not an option.

Any recommendation on what to do in order to be able to use the Phone in Kenya?

Try sending an email to samsung India or reach out to them on twitter for help, just explain your situation

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Or you can also get it software unlocked if that possible where you live.

Got it sorted… Basically got an Indian friend who gave me their Simcard. Called some International toll free number for 5 Cumulative Minutes and Voila, Phone got unlocked. So far it is perfect no issues… Unlock Damages Kshs. 0.00

FYI Guys I had traveled with paid up 5K for their phones to get unlocked. They did this before my route worked…


Good to hear. Has recent updated been rolled out? Were you able to update your phone?