Refurbished Phones Good Condition Low Prices

There seems to be a lot of talk about refurbished laptops and their shops in town. Are there any legit shops in town slicing midrange phone prices by half and giving you smartphones in pristine condition? Possibly with at least 3 months warranty and no possibility or being arraigned in court over robbery with violence (iCloud snitches).

I am looking to buy about 10 devices and would like to keep my budget at around 6k for each phone

I tend to avoid anything with the word ‘refurbished’ in our country Kenya. Back when I was in campus my dad was a really stingy fellow opting for the refurbished products. He ended up buying 4 laptops by the time I was done with school; one for every year, heck even 2 ex-UK models. My advice, simply buy new devices as in my experience refurbished products are sub-standard.

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You could get a new Huawei Y5 2019 model device for about Ksh. 9988 on Jumia. There are decent devices under the Ksh. 10,000 bracket. Just remember, cheap is expensive.


I’ve had my Galaxy A3 for four years now. I’ve seen my family members go through 2-3 phones each. Refurb doesn’t always mean trouble. My personal laptop is a refurb too, still going strong two years on. That said, your best bet will always be buying new, if you have the means.

I’ll always go refurb when I can. I’m looking for a refurbished S10e as we speak to replace the A3.

Just remember to exercise caution when buying used/refurbished products.


If you decide to get a refurb then I’d recommend getting a refurb of a flagship device

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My laptop, 6 years strong from brand new. Was to replace it last year but uchumi mbaya. Hopefully, this year the replacement sails through.

My pal changes Refub laptops every year. When I bought mine 6 years ago, the device went for KES. 65,000/=.

Akaniambia yeye ni Refubs tu. He can’t spend over 30K on a new device. He was suprised juzi to see the device still in great condition.

Yeye akipiga mahesabu za 6 years of changing laptops ametumia approximately 150,000/=


However, if you wish to do Refubs, I usually have a special condition. The original box and receipts of the devices must be intact.

I did that kitambo and managed to get tablets from Ebay in great condition, which gave me the resell power. Sold them for a profit locally after using them for a month to make sure they’re in great shape.

I remember posting on OLX all the product details. Original box and receipts intact. Weee! The phone calls people begging nisiuzie mtu.

Eventually, the devices would sell at slightly a higher price than what I quoted. Around 1K to 2K.

Lots of networks and specialist phone retailers sell refurbished phones, including O2, Vodafone and

You can also pick up a refurbished phone from auction sites, high-street retailers and specialist re-sale-and-recycle sites such as Envirophone.

My Refab laptops, one is 6 years old and the replacement is 2.5 years old. They key is researching the refub laptop to ensure you are buyinga model that was very well built. You should always look for models that were over 150k brand new, aluminum construction, HP Ultrabook or elitebook.

Refurb phones are a no go zone. I once lost 27000 on a galaxy note 5 that malfunctioned after 1 week. I would advise you buy Tecno Pop 2F. Available at a wholesale price of 5900. The device will have 1GB Ram and 16GB internal storage and incase one malfunctions you have Tecno Carlcare 13 months warranty.


Problem with refurb phones is that smartphones, unlike laptops, have a life span, after which they will be problematic.

This is good advice, just ensure you don’t go far back. Make it last year’s flagship, and you can only go further behind if the device is an old flagship but new.


I have a t430 bought refurb in 2014 september, still using to type this.

Laptops are good, especially Thinkpad laptops.