Refurbished Galaxy Note 7 from Samsung, I'd tap that

Samsung is said to be planning a sale of factory refurbished (I’ve previously only associated this with Apple) Galaxy Note 7 after the mess that it has been.

I think I would buy one, considering that Samsung really put in work to get to the bottom of this, and made their findings public. That being the first reason, confidence, the second is that you get the most recent flagship Note at a refurbished device price.

There is one compromise though:

Samsung will reduce the battery size from the previous 3500mAh, to a more subtle size between 3000mAh and 3200mAh. Core components of the phone will be reused but cases will be newly made.

Depending on the price and availability locally, I would also consider getting one. The Note 7 was a great device!

At the right this could be a worthy purchase.

It is amusing that its reputation is so tarnished that the refurbished devices are unavailable in first world markets.

This phone has a QHD display right? How much screen-on time would you realistically expect from that battery if you’re a power user? Never tried it when it first came out but I’d love to obviously.

Do you think 300mAh would make difference enough for one to worry about, considering you take the 3200mAh one? I think it’s within safe grounds for a good experience.

Don’t forget it’s an AMOLED display and with the ability to lower the resolution to 1080p through the software, the battery life could be enough to last you through the day.

Wasn’t really in reference to the “smaller” battery but in general. I’d imagined
that for all the sh!t you can do with this powerhouse of a phone (going by specs and reviews) you’d need a serious brick to power it.

Right. Makes sense.

Either way, I’d still get it; even though I’m more inclined towards stock Android.

If this is real al consider getting one who doesnt love the note series

why get an S7 when one could just wait a bit longer and get the S8 by May

Ahem! The Note 7 is a different animal altogether. Plus wise people will tell you that it pays to get the previous flagship for the cost savings.

Now what?

Price factor? Rumours say it will go for around $300, more or less.

The refurbished units will be mostly sold in India, Vietnam, and other emerging markets…

A Samsung India representative speaking to India-based NDTV brushed away the report adding that the company had no such plans.

Samsung India has denied the claims, we are still waiting to hear about the rest of the emerging markets.

Refurbished Galaxy Note 7 has started appearing, with model number SM-N935 with a 3200 mAh battery and running Android 7, Kernel build from February. Same exterior remains.

Last time I talked with Samsung I was told they don’t yet have a confirmation that it’s coming this way.

at a good price(read below 30k) i would definitely snap up one,its a great device still

I’d buy one anywhere below 40k.

At most, the goal of selling the Note 7 as a refubished device should be to regain market confidence in the Brand. Having people use and assure other users that it’s safe would work in samsungs favour so trying to make a profit shouldn’t be on their agenda

Sell this device at cost $255 - $300 (30,000 KSHS MAX) and have it compete directly with Techno flagships (Samsung could use a high end player at this price point). This should give techno users cause for pause, as some only buy techno because they can’t afford Apple & Samsung flagships

If I didn’t have an S7 Edge I’d probably buy it. But as they are almost similar, it would be an irresponsible purchase. Maybe this is the phone Samsung decides to give Kenyan Techies to promote in which case, I’d use it for roadtrips and underwater shots

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Turns out the Galaxy Note 7 won’t be called Galaxy Note R when refurbished. Will end up going with Galaxy Note FE according to this Korean site ET News.

FE stands for Fans Edition, and again, it’s via leaks. Not something Samsung said. Fans Edition is allegedly to get back Samsung’s reputation, and the device will have some features that are available on the Galaxy S8.

I can already see how people are calling it the FIRE EDITION

I stand by my earlier statements:

Sell this device at cost $255 - $300 (30,000 KSHS MAX) and have it compete directly with Techno flagships (Samsung could use a high end player at this price point).

Samsung shouldn’t be looking to make a profit with a device which cost them customer confidence.

300mAh is a big difference. The best analogy is like giving one person KES 3000 and the other KES 3300. The person with 3300 can have lunch at Sonford - Fries, 2 Sausages, Soda & buy fruits for 50 - and still have as much as the 3000 one.

The negligible difference is between an S7 Edge (3600 mAH) & S8+ (3500 mAh). One won’t really notice 100mAh

Oh yes, Samsung Galaxy Note 7 FE. They clearly didn’t think that one through. They should have just gone with Note 7R.

I see the Fire Edition puns coming up.

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