Redmi NOTE 10 Pro price in Kenya

Is the Redmi NOTE 10 Pro available in Kenya.
And what is it’s price for 8GB/128GB ?

Check at Avechi .

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The price will be 30K for the 6GB RAM version. Saw it on IG.

Available at Mobile Store
3rd Floor , Bihi Towers
Moi Avenue.

Redmi Note 10 Pro does not support good gaming. I like Redmi Note 10s more with the Helio G95 chipset.

It supports good gaming. I think it doesn’t impress you because you use flagship devices

Anyone with hands-on experience using the Redmi Note 10 pro? How is it as a daily driver? Thinking of getting it.

If you wouldn’t mind the bump down from a 108MP shooter to 48MP, (I mean, with pixel binning and the only visible difference being with the dedicated 108MP modes and 48MP and a bit in night mode performance), just add a couple of thousands, like 6-8, and get the better value for money, the POCO F3. Plus, well, it’s a 5G device. My two sense anyway.

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Got this phone @ 27K i.e. The pro version 6/128. So far so good

Hey, where did you buy the 6/128 at 27K? I see Jumia is selling it at 30K

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So the Redmi Note 10 Pro 5G is currently getting a software update to enable vRAM up to 2GB.
Some people feel it’s just a gimmick, I don’t really know. Any one, thoughts?

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A certain shop in Luthuli

Word on the streets is that the redmi note 10 pro latest update has bugs so if you have the phone avoid updating it till further notice

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Instead of this, I bought Infinix Note 10 Pro with Helio G95 chipset and it does a much better job with better features.

Not to spew hate but some of y’all really rate this Helio G95 chipset.

The G95 and G90T don’t really differ much. And for the price some “mid-rangers”, I put quotes on this word as I use it lightly, is NOT good enough.
I said it, a Phantom X or Realme with a G95 is about the same price as devices that rock upper 700 series SnapDragon chips, heck, there’s even a 800 series (POCO F3) in that range, is just not good enough anymore. These devices feel like they are being left behind by others (the SDs and even some Dimensity series devices) so I just can’t recommend any phone rocking it with the kind of competition Xiaomis and even some OnePlus phones bring.
Ni kunoma sahii​:sweat_smile: