Redmi 5 Plus 3 Day Mini Review

Hey, so my Redmi 5 plus arrived on Saturday. The first thing I checked was the bands.
GSM 900 & 1800
UMTS 1 & 8
LTE BAND 1/3/7/8/20/38/40
Wifi 2.4 and 5 GHZ

So basically it will work with Telkom, Airtel and Safaricom 4G but no Faiba because I guess that’s band 28.

The back camera can capture usable photos but the front is shit compared to the infinixes and tecnos of this world.

The battery life is forever. Never switched off data arrived home with 30% and 6 Hours SOT.

Network connectivity is super strong. Measuring 40mbps in Chogoria where Camon Cx averaged 20 Mbps and Note 5 15MBPS. WIFI speed excellent.

The screen is excellent with very good blacks.

More questions hit me.


Where did you buy and price

One thing I know about this brand is their camera. Kindly confirm if its a genuine handset

Ujue once you get a 2:1 screen phone there’s no going back… 16:9 looks shitty :joy::joy:.

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True 16:9 has become anoying to me after using a 18:9 phone

I love xiaomi devices bcoz of the battery it will never disappoint.:ok_hand::ok_hand:

@wizmelavin kindly confirm where you bought it at?

I cant. its impossible. 16:9 looks like a history class

Jumia Kenya. The Xiaomi Kenya official shop. I bought it on Wednesday got it on Saturday

I am getting 7 and 8 hours SOT consistently. I have finally stopped switching off data and carrying a cable is a thing of the past

Its genuine of course. Immediately after opening, I got the MIUI 9.5 Global update. fake phones don’t get OTA updates. The good thing about the update is the Iphone X like gestures.

How comes it has band 20


Exactly, this is the part pictorial evidence will be need. Trawling the web indicates it’s got no Band 20.

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Not all Xiaomi devices have a great camera. The Mi lineup have great cameras, the rest struggle a lot.

@wizmelavin a picture showing the back of the phones box showing model number and bands will be much appreciated

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The stock camera is still not good in the Mi lineup. I recently installed ‘Google Camera Pixel 2 Mod’ on my Mi A1 and the pictures are waaaaaay better.

I still don’t care about a good camera though. :blush:

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You are probably looking at the Chinese one on gsmarena. There is a global version with band 20, I can see it on gearbest. Just search for the global version of any Xiaomi phone if you intend to use it in this parts.

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Price is 18900 and 650 delivery. Jumia

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I’ve been treating GSMArena as the reference manual for phone specs. Now i know better. Thanks for this.

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