Redbox TV vs Terrarium: Which one would you recommend a friend?

There are tens if not hundreds of Apps you can use on your androidTV or phone to stream online content.
I’ve spent months comparing to this famous APP called Mobdro - well according to me its not the app I can recommend at all.
I currently use Redbox Tv that offers Live TV channels from around the world and its the best so far in my experience.

Well, on another hand streaming content I think Terrarium is the best app too. Like seriously!

Terrarium is awesome. You get almost everything you would ever need in payTV minus sports. I have it on android TV, and it beats having pay TV.
See new episodes, all seasons
Categories include Youtube, Netflix, Amazon, Documentaries, Comedy etc.
Movies available too.
The only downside, - takes long to load links, and you have to choose between several links to find a fast server.
A lesser movie and episodes alternative that comes with faster servers is MovieHD.

I haven’t used redbox but TerrariumTV is awesome for movies and series. It doesn’t have any sports or live streaming content but it’s great for catching up on latest movies and series to download or stream. The download links do take time to load but not too much and it’s understandable because it loads the list after checking that they are working. I think the fact that it can give you hundreds of links to download an episode of something slows it down a bit. There is also a different link for every available resolution even if it is from the same encoder.

RedBox Tv is a streaming Live Tv app.
Try it out. But either it works some tv channels on a specific time… (mostly Top known tv channels)

I agree with you I prefer Terrarium for movies and series… I have it on my phone so I can watch episodes on the go…

I have intalled the RedBox TV app on the TV, (android 2.3 I believe) and its working fine. I get some HD sports channels that I appreciate BT Sports, EuroSports and Sky etc. The number of sports channels is similar to that available on Mobdro. The problem with live tv is the high number of anoying ads that you cannot skip.

Get Adblocker apps & end the tragedy

My TV is 4gb internal storage, and is android 2.3, so most apps don’t work. I will solve the shidas with an android box in due time.

Eish! OS 2.3?
Can’t even remember its colors lol


Redbox and Terrarium both are different app. One is for TV channnesl while terrarium is for movies. Also, terrarium TV is dead now. You can try other apps like Tea TV or Titanium TV.

Still using Terrarium with Real Debrid though…