Recommendations for prepaid debit cards

I regularly use an NCBA prepaid debit card for online purchases, however in the last week, two international payments and one local one through iPay have declined the card.
As the biggest use of these prepaid cards is online transactions, can anyone recommend dependable alternatives?

Get I&M multicurrecy prepaid card ,comes in 3 wallets dollars ,ksh, and pounds.Its a better alternative.Theres also a thread on the same topic in this forum just search and you can go through it

What chased me from I&M are those transaction fees. I think NCBA prepaid also has the option of loading USD and Euros.

No it doesn’t have the options to load other currencies.NIC bank is the one that had a multicurrecy card before they merged.

i can recommend stanchart. i had a bad experience with prepaid cards especially equity bank. For 8 months i was unable to get access to my cash cause that stupid bank had discontinued the service without informing customers. Stanchart are great but just inquire and do more research

If you use an I&M card, have you come across a situation where the card is being rejected by payment processors?

With the NCBA card, I tried four transactions in the last week, and only one through Pesapal went through.

I specifically need a prepaid card for online transactions, so another bank account doesn’t help me.

For the few transactions that I have done I haven’t had any problems,The only bad experience is that their portal is shit ,it kept locking me out of my account.Other banks with multicurrecy cards are Barclays, credit bank and family bank . Barclays bank multicurrecy holds more than 5 currencies.

Hard pass on Absa/ Barclays, they charge 116 shillings as a loading fee.

I will consider I&M, hoping their card is more dependable than the NCBA one.

Hi, I am not sure the purpose of the pre-paid card, but why not use a virtual card instead?

Suggestions would be welcome, although I suspect I’d face the same problem of some payments being declined.

Here are some suggestions that I think can work best here:

  1. Me Cash Prepaid Visa Card
  2. NIC Bank Multicurrency VISA Prepaid Card
  3. Barclays Bank Multicurrency Prepaid Card
  4. I&M Bank Multicurrency Prepaid Card