Re: No Software Updates? You Probably Didn’t Pay For it

I’m referencing an editorial that appeared on the main Techweez site yesterday. Linked below

The Android ecosystem is painfully broken for one. Version fragmentation has been a problem for years and even with the “flagship” brands bundling crapware and security bugs are common.

Point two there are so many open source operating systems and applications that stay on top of patching and updates without the need of premium pricing.

Respectfully speaking the author has dropped the ball entirely. Blaming end users for what is clearly a fault by the manufacturers is simply wrong.

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Hi, the author here.
First, what do you mean by “premiuim price” premium to me might be cheap to someone else.
Anyway, the focus of the article was basically software updates, “crapware” as you refer to them is the manufacturer’s fault. But you will not find Samsung, Sony and HTC refusing to update their current (not more than two years old) flagship devices, because it is a service that they charge for.
Sincerely speaking, you cannot compare HTC’s Sense UI to Tecno’s HiOS. Neither can you compare Huawei’s EMUI and Xiaomi’s MIUI to Infinix’s XUI. They are all on different levels, with the former being more superior.
Like I said on the airticle, you pay for what you get. I was just educating the Kenyan market who buy the sub 20k phones and are always on manufacturer’s necks for them to release updates.

Thanks for the reply, that is genuinely awesome.

Implying that software updates are a service is plain wrong especially when it comes to improvements in security and stability. This is a consumer right for all manufacturer supported devices; end of life devices are obviously not part of this discussion :relaxed:.

No offense to the Android crowd, these are all glorified skins on top of stock Android. When it comes to maintenance this is actually a benefit because updates can be pulled upstream from the Android Open Source Project. IMO this should be a bare minimum responsibility from any self respecting manufacturer.

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What you said! That OEMs tend to only update their expensive devices is unacceptable. Nowhere do they tell people that they are on their own when they buy “cheap” devices which they often go out of their way to excessively market in the relevant markets. We just can’t normalize this outright infringement of consumer rights. They don’t get to choose which customers to attend to and which ones to ignore. They all deserve updates more so since these are critical - lack of results in serious security risks.

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@marcus254 and @echenze Thank you for your contributions, but do not forget I am not an smartphone manufacturer :sweat_smile:
Anyway, You guys have valid points and I totally understand you, however, I also understand OEMs and yeah, the editorial was biased towards the OEMs, maybe next time I will lean towards the consumers, maybe.