Rate Sendy Tech start up

Hey guys, has anyone of you ever used Sendy? Are you still using it? Why you not using it?

I have never used it and I actually don’t know why. Which is very strange for a person like me.

Love using it. Vans / Trucks have been erratic though so I’d prefer advanced booking there.

Most Moto riders have been great though sometimes live tracking seems to be off (could be rider-device-side issues).

This is usually a problem in most apps and services dependent on a connected device and GPS for accuracy. There is no standard experience. It is understandably a cost thing that prevents the service providers from making the experience consistent, but the same way they ensure the taxi or motorcycle is of a certain bare minimum, they should too with the smartphone. Same happens with Uber, you get a driver’s side of the app reporting that they are a certain area when they are a few streets away.