Rank these types of monitors (and any others) for health/eye damage

- LCD (e.g. TFT)
- Plasma
**- New CRT’s **
- Any others

Assuming ambient light, settings, distance-to-size ratio e.t.c. are the same; rank the types of monitors generally for health and eyes (combined).

By ‘health’ I mean which is the least unhealthy for the brain and skin (e.g. In terms of the type of light). By ‘eyes’ I meant which is the least damaging to eyes.

An example of what I mean by unhealthy light is blue light.

A question could be: Assuming all else is constant (and if different types of monitors generally emit different amounts of blue light); how much blue light do these types of monitors generally emit?

I am looking for the health and eye damage of types of monitors to buy one of them.

I think most times, if you want a monitor to be less hazardous to your health, always use it to the least brightness available. For blue light, I don’t know if those things exist, but kitambo I used to see people using a filter screen on top of a regular monitor.

I have seen a developer use blue light blocking eyewear for his monitor extensions, since those don’t work with blue light filter apps.